Boy, do I need a yarn swifter and ball winder

Just look at this. My first time washing yarn, and putting it in a hank ( with a peice of wood and some nails…and my thumbs) and this is what happens! grr…

I mean it looked fine after the wash (I had tied it in increments to lessen this…) - the hank was still decent looking, but now I found the end and it’s not getting pretty. It’s getting tangled!

Oh dear! But I can so relate! Hanks (the yarn ones, no offense meant towards the human ones :roflhard:) and I so do NOT get along either.

My last attempt resulted in a bag if knots that still exists today. But I don’t want to spend the $$ on a swift when I think about all the yarn it will buy!! Hopefully, my constant complaining and asking him to help with winding so I don’t make any more messes will convince my hubby that he needs to make me one, and soon! :happydance:

Hopefully the swift fairy will visit you soon too!

How are your knuckles/fingers feeling??

OH! :shock: That looks SCARY!

If there is ANYTHING you can wrap that “hank” around…a chair back, etc., it will help. I had a hank that was really WIDE when I unwrapped it, so I faced TWO dining room chairs back-to-back, about a foot apart, and hung it around there. Anything to maintain the circle!! [size=2](Does that make ANY sense??)[/size]

I have found that the best thing to use is two kids, LOL. On our last hank-winding session, one of my daughters was thinking “skein” and “hank” at the same time (she’s not a knitter, but the other daughter is) and ended up calling it a “skank.” We laughed our heads off.

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I call those “speak-os” Like typos, but verbal!

Hanks are a PITA, but all my favorite yarns come that way! I plan on buying my SIL a swift and a ball winder for Xmas in hopes that she’ll return the favor. :lol:

Hi, I am new here but just had to comment on this one. Been there, done that. And my ball winder/swift are the best buys I ever made. You are going to really enjoy them when you get them and so much lovely yarn comes in hanks. Sarah

Well, I did hint a lot to my boyfriend about it, so last night when I was on the phone with him he just kept saying “I know what I’m getting you for your birthday”…my birthday is in a month almost, so he’s been talking about my birthday gifts for a while…saying “I dont know what to get you, but I have a list of things”…so I dont know exactly if he meant he’s getting a winder/swift combo, but today he was asking me while at Joann’s if they had some…they didnt that I saw - darnit.

I did think about wrapping it around something, but I needed to untangle it. I speant about 3.5 hours or more untangling it. I stayed up until around 2:30 last night untangling it. And I untangled the rest today. I started to wind the ball around my fingers, but that got soooo tiring, so I stopped. Now it’s in a new mess that hopefully wont get as tangled. Because at least it’s wrapped in a haphazard ball now. :happydance: Just glad I don’t have to deal with that horrible mess anymore. But I still have another hank I have to wash…grrr.

:pray: I hope my boyfriend’s getting me a combo for christmas! I don’t even care if it’s out of connector sets!

:roflhard: I just told my dh tonight that for Christmas I want a yarn swifter and ball winder for Christmas then I added some Alpaca would be nice too :wink:

That’s funny :-p I wouldn’t mind the same thing…it all sounds so yummy

You gotta watch out when you are using them, today I was winding yarn for a student and the half wound ball flew off the winder for no apparent reason and then I had a bit of a mess to untangle. It was baby alpaca grande and it was spectacular to touch so even in a tangled mess it was pleasant.

Is that because you can wind it too fast? or why is that? I want one none the less, and I’m sure the mess wasn’t as bad as mine…oi mine was just horrible. And baby alpaca sounds wonderful! I’ve never had the pleasure of touching that… All synthetic here…but some are very nice to touch.