Boxing Day Blues

Hello all…

Just need to reach out with my short tale of sorrow and annoyance!

It is boxing day, and today I sit here at work. I am able to get a few stitches in here and there…which keeps me happy as I serve those out and about…but alas, I would like to start a baby coat (on circlars too small to be available in my Denise Kit) and I only have the ribbing needle size. This allows me to cast on 7 rows, but leaves me stranded until I can get my next size up.

My closest knitting store to work (Romni Wool - Awesome natural fibre store) is closed today for the holiday, which I do not begrudge them, as I too would love the day to enjoy come quiet relaxation after a hectic Monday…but I do long, nah, pine for some needles that seem too out of reach today…


I know as fellow knitters, you would understand and be the perfect sounding board!

Thank you all…and have a great holiday!


I do understand…it’s so frustrating to have a project in mind and be just itching to work on it and not be able to because making a living inteferes with our “real” (a.k.a. knitting :teehee: ) life. I’m sorry you’re having a bad day! :hug:

smiles…all in all…it was not a horrible day…just a day in limbo…actually…even better than that…I finished a hat. Just annoying to not be able to get out to the store. The store in question is having their boxing day sale on the 27th…which again sux cause I just want to go in and get my needles…sigh

I will be happy when the holidays are over…I tell you!

Gah you had to go and tell me about another yarn store near-ish to me. DH will not be pleased about this…