Box Full O' Dragons

Finally finished!!! Three little dragon scarves ready to give to my boss. I have to put in the pupils on the last one. My two-year old son stole my felt and I have to find it to put them on!!!

These are SO precious. Which pattern did you use? Is it the kit one or another one? They are very cute…and I completely understand that missing item thing that occurs with the kiddos. Thank you SO much for sharing these with us. You should get a promotion for these!

Those are so cute! Is your boss a 3 yr old? :?? :teehee:

Cute :thumbsup:

Overwhelming cuteness!!!

They are great :slight_smile:

Is your boss a 3 yr old?

A three y.o. is [I]everyone’s[/I] boss! :slight_smile:

You got that right;) .

So cute! Great job!

:happydance: they look wonderful!!


So cute x

Thanks! The pattern is free! I got the link someplace from here. Look up dragon pattern and you should find it. I have the PDF saved but not the link!!! Darn it.

My boss has 2 3-year old boys and a 6-year old. Honestly, I hate buying gifts for someone who makes a ton more money than I do so I made something for his boys. I know that will be appreciated more than anything I could get him and it didn’t cost a ton of cash, just time to make it.

They’re great!

I figured as much, I was just teasing. :teehee:

Great picture of them all together, Very cool! :yay:

Those are darling! Very creative!:cheering:

Those are adorable, great job!

too cute:)

Aww, way too cute. Good work!