Bowser from Super Mario pattern

Hi everyone,
I’m new to the forum and already finding some great advice, wish I had found it sooner!
I’ve been searching the Internet for days in an attempt to find something that resembles what I’m looking for but no luck so maybe you could help. I’d love to knit a stuffed toy of “Bowser” (the bad guy) from the Mario Bros. games as a present for a little one who’s a huge fan. There are some awesome crochet patterns on the web, but crochet is a no go zone for me, I’ve tried several times to learn but I’m so much more comfortable with knitting. I can’t find ANY knitting patterns for this guy. Any ideas? Or suggestions on how I could convert the crochet pattern?

I don’t see any either. You might have to kind of make it up as you go.

Thanks Jan. I wish I could get my head (fingers?!) around crochet, I adore the amigurumi patterns. Knitting is so relaxing though :smiley: