Bought Myself A New Toy

A few days ago I noticed a sign in a truck stop that said they had the Lowrance iWay 250c GPS on sale for $100 off. As I had been eyeing them for some time I decided to go ahead and pick one up while they’re on sale. Knocking off the $100 put the price about the same as I could have bought it online.

It comes with a suction cup windshield mount and cigarette lighter power cord and is very easy to set up. I’ve been playing around with it for a few days now and it’s quite handy.

Yesterday it saved me at least a half an hour. I came up on a bad traffic back up on I-44 caused by an accident that was blocking the lanes. A quick glance at the GPS showed me a route around the back up. I exited the interstate and the GPS immediately recalculated the route and gave me turn by turn directions around the wreck and back to the interstate again. Very nice.

I thought the voice directions would be annoying but I actually like it as you don’t really have to look at the screen while driving. The nice female voice lets you know when a turn is coming up and which way you need to turn. Kinda sounds like the computer from Star Trek :lol:

As I am constantly going places that I have never been before this thing is going to pay for itself in no time by saving me tons of time and wrong turns (you’d be surprised how many people who give you directions don’t know left from right or East from West).

It also shows me where shopping centers, stores, and restaurants are located near where I happen to be, along with a lot of other handy info. It can also store custom locations and I have been busy storing the locations of the truck stops as I go along.

All in all I’d say it was money well spent. Besides, I do enjoy new toys. :rofling:

extremely cool


I’d love GPS…drool…envy and all that :slight_smile:

does it have an automatic yarn store locator? :roflhard:

that really does sound like a good thing to have. yay for new toys that are useful too! :cheering:

Handy gadget!! :thumbsup:

A friend that I used to work with called his GPS device “Beth”…he couldn’t go anywhere without “Beth”…and there were times where he couldn’t get anywhere even with “Beth”…but that’s a whole other issue :teehee:

My husband bought one for himself as we are in a new area and I have been his “map” way too long! He would call me from the east coast when I was on the west coast and say I am (wherever he was) and I need to get “destination”, how do I do that? And then he would get mad at me when he missed the turn! So now we have one and we use it all the time to look at potential houses, saves alot of time!

Vendie…its when he marries Beth because he feels she provides him with the right life direction that he may be in trouble :lol:

We got one last month and I just love it. We call her Lola. The only problem is she can take us the longer way sometimes.
But I use it s lot and it is great help.

Congratz on your new toy:)

In April I went on holiday to Ireland with my mother. I was taking her to visit various relatives, two days before we left I decided the trip would be a nightmare enough without even a paper map that I decided to buy a TomTom One system.

It came with suction cup, maps of UK and Ireland, car charger, out of car charger and various other bits and pieces. I managed to get some money off it too and paid £120 for it. Anyway once we got to Ireland, it was invaluable. It made the trip SO much easier and made my driving in another country (even if we drive on same side of road) and in a new hire car (I’m used to an old wreck of a car) a pleasure.

I am going to go back to Ireland in September and take it with me again - I love my GPS! I can get maps for the rest of the world too so I can travel anywhere I want and always find my way around =D

We got a GPS about 4 years ago and then got into a adventure game called “Geocaching”. After going down some very back road of Arkansas in my Mini-Van. We bought a Ford Expedition with navigation system built in. We called her “Sybil” AS she crazy sometimes. My DH and “Sybil” will get into it, as she wants him to go one way and he the other.:roflhard: “Please make a legal u-turn”

Geocaching is a lot of fun. Here is our Profile. When I go I take my knitting with me as we ride along. I only get out of the car if they CAN"t find it.:rofl:

I’m already hooked on this thing. It’s making my job a whole lot easier and more efficient.

You know a piece of technology is really catching on when someone comes up with a game for it :rofling:

I am known for getting lost in a paper bag - I have had a GPS for about 4 years now and can’t imagine not having one … I can get the right/left thing straight but don’t even approach me with east/west:roflhard: Absolutely NO sense of direction in a moving vehicle!

You’re going to love it more and more as you use it :heart:

congrats, Mason! :cheering:

I have an excellent sense of direction but quite often get really bad directions from people where I am going. I often wonder how they find their way to work every day.

I have been busy setting up different data files for the thing. One for general/personal stuff, one for customer locations, and one for truck stop locations. That will make searching for the various things much easier.

I can tell you are already in love with it more then you were when you bought it.

My next car will have one, I can’t live without it. My DD playes soccer. We are alway going to different town to play. it great to look up places to eat or shopping. sometimes I can find a LYS if you do a search for “yarn” … “knit” or “wool” but it will only work it they have those words in the name of the store. =(