Boucle yarn - sticks on needles

Hello all!

I have a problem I hope someone can help with… or tell me I am not crazy…

I am knitting a very simple stockinette stitch scarf with a boucle yarn on Boye needles.

The problem that I am having, and always seem to have with this yarn, is that it starts to feel like it is sticking to the needles. The longer I knit the project, the worse it gets. I have a very hard time sliding the work up and down the needles as I knit each row.

It almost starts to feel like the smooth finish is coming off the needles. But, if I were to put a different yarn on the same needles, it is fine.

Any suggestions?


It sounds like you’re knitting too tightly. The boucle yarn has a natural curl to it, and if you pull it too tightly it won’t have any give. With other yarns that may not be as much of an issue. Without watching you knit I can’t be sure though.

This is just my own personal opinion… but I don’t like metal needles. I feel like they don’t “give” into the yarn and I feel like it pulls my yarn too tight. When I first started knitting I used boucle/mohair ALOT~! and metal needles… :doh:
NOw I use Denises’ ~ Resin~ and straight yarn. MY suggestion is try knitting on a inexpensive pair of bamboo or resin (plastic-like) and see if it’ still sticking all the time~!

If not… it may be your tension~!

Hmmm… I’m currently working on a scarf with Boucle yarn too on metal needles and I don’t have this problem :shrug: They seem to slip very well on metal needles… I guess you might be knitting too tightly?

Here, you can take a look at mine:

…and a close up if you need to see more detail about the yarn, needle, or tightness of stitches.

That’s all I can provide… :shrug: maybe not of much help :pout:

I have had the same problem with that yarn… that is why I still have 6 or 8 balls of it in my stash… when I made a scarf with it I used 8mm needles and it seemed to work fine, that is why I bought more… however, I tried using 6mm, it didnt work!

Stick with the larger needles maybe. Doesn’t need to be 8mm, but maybe 6.5 or 7mm.


Sorry, this is not at all responsive to your question, but would someone please tell me how to pronounce “boucle”? I have been wondering this for months…

Also- I had the same experience with the yarn seeming to stick to the needles- I did several scarves with the Lion brand boucle on size 10 wooden needles…


It’s prounounced `boo-clay’, with the accent on the second syllable.


For what it’s worth, I’m doing stockinette with Bernat Boucle on size 10 bamboo needles, and the only times I’ve had any sticking problems is when I start knitting tightly. When I relax and loosen up the stitches slide along smoothly.

Good luck!


Sue- thanks!! :slight_smile:

I have the same issue with some e-bay yarn that turned out to be bouclé - but it’s not just because of that - but it’s deliberately “spun” to have bits hanging out the sides so that it’s not even (it’s called fleece on the label) - more of a problem when counting rows and fixing mistakes as you can’t see the stitches after you knit them. It was stickier on the rib but once I’d increased to larger needles for the main part it was easier to work but still doesn’t slide as easily as other wool. Trouble is it’s also too easy to pick up extra stitches by accident and not notice for a few rows, think I’ve had to tink it back three times as I couldn’t see where I was supposed to frog to…

Wow! Thanks for all the helpful responses.

I have tried this on all of the needles I have. The scarf is currently on the circulars, I have a set of bamboo dpn’s, and a set of cheapie plastic needles. It did the same thing on all of them. They are size 10 and a half.

It probably is my tension when I knit I tend to tighten up the yarn after each stitch.

I have asked for a set of interchangeables for my b-day, and trying to decide which I want (not until November, so I have some time).

Is there a guide photo I can look at somewhere that shows what proper tension should look like?

I will try to loosen up the stitches and see if that helps!

Thanks again! Everyone on this site is so friendly and helpful!

To loosen up your tension, don’t tug on/tighten the yarn after you make the stitch. I think that’s what you said you do. It isn’t necessary, though it may be a habit that’s hard to break.