Bottom up sweater pattern

Hi everyone! I’m knitting the Wildling Sweater of Anna Sofia Vintersol and i’m struggling with the pattern. The sweater is knitted from bottom up in the round, bind off underarm stitches, casting on new ones in the following round which will then form a steek for opening up the armhole later. The colorwork is mainly concentrated on the yoke.

I’ve finished the lower body and the colorwork of the yoke by following the chart on pattern, right now i should start to knit the neckline, but i don’t understand very well the pattern, it’s written like this:

Right now i have 182 sts on my needles.
Can anyone tell me how many rows i should knit after i’ve placed the 26sts (smallest size) on hold in middle front? can it be 9 rows? From what i understood, it seems like this:

Place 26 (i’m knitting the smallest size) on hold in the middle front,
row 1: K
row 2: P
row 3: BO 3, K across, BO3
row 4: P
row 5: K1row
row 6: BO2, P across, BO2
row7: K1row
row8: BO2, P across, BO2
row 9: BO20 (front shoulder), (Knit across the steek sts?) BO20 (back shoulder), K40, BO20 (back shoulder), (Knit across the steek sts?), BO20(front shoulder)

It’s my first time knitting a pattern like this, so afraid to make mistakes and don’t know how to amend later! >_<
Could anyone kindly guide me through this? thank you!!

Great looking icelandic sweater!
Best thing to do right now is run a lifeline through all the sts on the needle. That way if you have to rip back to the current row you can fearlessly do so.
I read it as:
Place the center 26sts on hold.
Row 1 bind off 3sts, knit to end
Row 2 bind off 3sts, purl to end
Row 3 knit one row
Row 4 bind off 2sts, purl to end
Row 5 bind off 2sts, knit to end
Row 6 purl one row
Row 7 and 8, repeat the bind offs on rows 4 and 5 (knitting row 7 and purling row 8)
Work the bind offs for the shoulders

It’s simplest to bind off sts at the beginning of a row.
Here’s a video for inserting a lifeline in case you need it.

Thank you so so much!!! I will definitely insert a lifeline now. Really appreciate your help, :)))