Bottom up raglan sweater knitted flat

I’m knitting my first sweater. The pattern is Fountain from
The instructions state: Dec Row 1(RS) K1, K2TOG, K to last 4 st, sl1, K2TOG, PSSO, K1. Repeat Dec Row 1 every RS X times.

I ended up decreasing stitches on both the knit & purl side to maintain even decreases. Am I correct? Why do the instructions call for decreases on the RS only? Wouldn’t this make a wonky sweater? Help please and thank you!

Pretty sweater you’ve chosen, what a lovely detail the side lace is.

Which part of the sweater are you on? I just looked through the pattern and couldn’t see this dec line you quoted so it would be helpful to know which piece you are working. Also which size you are making as the instructions change for the size chosen.

Just on the basis of the instruction you typed I would not decrease on the purl side, but the decreases you’ve typed out do look uneven.

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I’m knitting for size 52. The instructions for the decreases on the back side of the sweater are on page 2 with the heading in bold ~ For sizes 40, 44, 52, and 60 ONLY" followed by the decrease instructions as written in my first post.
Then there are further decrease instructions for all sizes.
Im a bit lost because once I’ve done a decrease row I have no idea of what to do with a purl row. I have yarn on the end of bound off stitches and no way to return to the purl row. Does that make sense? Not sure if Ive explained it clearly, sorry.

Thanks for 5he additional information.

I’m not sure if you and I have different downloads of the pattern, if perhaps it has been corrected and updated since you downloaded it, or if you have made a typo in your original question…

Here is the decrease Row as I see it on my download, back of sweater, page 2

For Sizes 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, and 60" ONLY:
Dec Row 1 (RS): K1, k3tog, knit to last 4 sts, sl 1,
k2tog, psso, k1 – 4 sts dec’d. Rep Dec Row 1 every
RS row X (0, 3, 5, 8, 10, 13) times more, end on WS –
X (77, 73, 73, 69, 69, 65) sts

The row begins with
K1, k3tog
This is a decrease of 2 stitches. In your question you had “K1, K2tog” a decrease of 1 stitch which would make the decreases uneven.

The row ends with
Sl 1, K2tog, psso, k1
This is a decrease of 2 stitches making it equal to the decreases at the beginning of the row.
The reason for different instruction beg and end of row is making the stitch lean one way or the other for neatness.

The purl row should just be worked as the set pattern, just purl, the lace detailing in the side edges has stopped at this point so it is just stocking stitch (knit right side, purl wrong side) and the purl side should just be an easy run across.

The arm hole bind off stitches at the “shape raglan armholes” just prior to the decrease instructions should not be causing a problem with moving your working yarn or being unable to reach your purl row.
Perhaps you have bound off incorrectly?

Bind off 6 stitches at beg of next 2 rows.
Stitches on left needle for beg of row. Empty right needle, the working needle.
Work 2 stitches.
Pass first stitch over second stitch and off the needle.
One stitch has been bound off.
One stitch remains on working needle and the working yarn is attached to it ready to work the next stitch.
Work 1 stitch. Now 2 stitches on working needle.
Pass first over second and off the needle.
2 stitches have been bound off.
Yarn is attached in correct place on working needle with 1 stitch.

Continue until all 6 bound off.
You will have worked 7 stitches as 1 of them is remaining on the working needle (6 have been brought over and off). Yarn is still in position to work the stitches on the left needle.

These bind offs work for the knit row or the purl row. Work the stitches as you see them, knit the knit row for bind offs, purl the purl row for bind offs.

You have explained clearly by the way.

See what you think about the difference in pattern instructions I’ve posted.
The decreases will be only on the RS, not the purl row.

If it doesn’t make sense please do ask again.
Perhaps you need a video for binding off?
Or a video for the decreases?

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oh, phew, thank you so much! I had printed an older version that I’d saved eons ago! I’ll add the updated correction, which now makes sense! Thank you!!!

Oh that’s fabulous and an easy enough fix. The download is still free on that site, there might be a bunch of differences so better to download all rather than add a note to your copy.

I did also note that on the website there is a correction listed which might not be on the updated pattern.

I’ll see if I can find it again

Yep, in addition to the “updated” pattern there is this on the description page

Pattern Corrections:

Neckband: With RS facing, using circular needle, beginning at left back raglan seam, pick up and knit 1 st in each around neckline as follows: 9 sts across top of left sleeve, 1 st in seam, 39 sts across front neck edge, 1 st in seam, 9 sts across top of right sleeve, 1 st in seam, 29 sts across back neck edge, then 1 st in seam – 90 sts

-posted 1/28/21

Are you ok with the bind offs and the decreases?

Entirely my error, thanks to you for breaking it down! The instructions were correct, but I completely misread them. Sailing along now with a nicely balanced bind off and decreases!

I’ll be reprinting the instructions and will try them line by line rather than in paragraph form. Thanks again!

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You’re welcome. I’m glad to be able to help a little where I can.

Don’t hesitate to ask again if there are more tricky bits.