Bottom-Up Raglan Shaping - Please Help!

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This may be long, please bear with me!

I’m working on the back piece of a bottom-up raglan sweater, and have just come to the raglan decreasing, where I have encountered a bit of confusion. The pattern calls for a gauge of 15 st. x 20 rows, and my gauge was 15 st. x 22 rows. I didn’t think this would be a problem, since I could just work to the required length, but it turns out that raglans are a bit more finicky than that! Whoops!

So, I’ve adjusted the pattern to add an additional 6 rows in the raglan decreasing, which should even everything out. But that will give me a raglan-shaping-to-collar length of 11.2", which seems quite large, given that I’m making a size 38 chest – the ribbing and stockinette before the raglan shaping began was 15" – is the raglan really supposed to be that large in comparison to the whole sweater? I know that the back piece will be a bit longer than the front, but still. I’m worried that the sweater will be way too large for him!

Should I omit the extra rows and just follow the pattern as it’s written, so that I get smaller raglan (about 10.2"), or will that make everything wonky? Unfortunately, my boyfriend doesn’t have any raglan sweaters for me to measure and compare against, but he does have a “regular” sweater that measures about 10" from the base of the sleeve to the shoulder, and I think that sweater fits him nicely.

Sorry if I’ve made this horribly confusing, but I would really appreciate any and all help/opinions! I’ve linked the pattern below:

Thank you so much!

Are you measuring the 11.2 along the raglan line or straight up armhole to collar? Along the raglan line is going to be a bit longer but I don’t think a difference of an inch is going to matter overall.
Yes, row gauge is usually not critical but raglans are one of the few exceptions. It always gives me pause to consider the math, too.

The 11.2" is straight up the center of the sweater, unfortunately. Though that is not including the 1" collar that I will add on later… You think that I should include the 6 extra rows, so that my measurements match those of the pattern? (The pattern doesn’t actually give measurements, but that’s what I’m estimating it to be, given their gauge and the number of rows they knit.) That’s sort of what I’m leaning towards, but I’d love a second opinion :slight_smile: thank you!

I would add the extra rows to get you to the pattern measurement in inches. You can intersperse the extra rows as you work the raglan decreases if that works with the pattern.
One question: why does that add extra inches rather than get you up to the actual pattern length at the armhole?

Well, I think that the 11.2" is what the pattern is suggesting – they don’t actually lay out any measurements for that bit, so that’s just my own math, based on their gauge. That just sounds like such a large raglan to me – all of the one’s that I’ve seen usually about 9". I’m not very experienced with raglans though, so I’m not entirely sure! I’m going to do one extra row every eight rows, so that they’re dispersed evenly :slight_smile: and I’ll maybe add a safety line before I start, just in case :joy: thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it!

(the 10.2" is what I would get if I didn’t add any extra rows, based on my gauge – but I think that would mess up the raglan shape?)

The lifeline is a wonderful idea.
Since you are getting more rows per inch than the pattern calls for, you’ would complete the raglan dec sooner. The extra rows should get you to the correct pattern length.