Botched xmas present. arrrrgh

So I just finished this cowl for my MIL. Well, it turned out huuuuge and just frumpy looking! I’m so bummed and frusterated! :!!!: I used Paton Astra, which the joann website says was sportweight, so maybe that’s where it went wrong? It’s unworthy of gifting so now I have to start from square one! :wall:

well according to some of the sites i saw when i just googled that yarn, they say that they are DK weight and i saw a line that looked like it was in someone’s blog that said it knit up slightly bigger than the stated gauge. :thinking:

are you going to try it again with a different yarn? it looks pretty.

I’m not sure! I just feel so disgruntled toward the pattern now! :oops:

:pout: How frustrating! The pattern is written for sportweight, so you should’ve been just fine as long as your gauge matched… Hmm… I wonder… when you did your gauge swatch, did you use stockinette or ribbing? Because I think 5 stitches per inch was probably based on a swatch in stockinette, so if you did it in ribbing, I think that may have been what made it the wrong size. Let’s see… if you based it on rib, the circumference would be around 28 inches (140 divided by 5), which I suppose might be a little big for something that goes around one’s head – not outrageously big, though. :shrug: Have you tried it on? She doesn’t know what it’s supposed to look like so she’d probably just think it’s supposed to be worn loosely. What’s wrong with that?

If you feel that it really is unwearable, maybe there is some way you can salvage it. I can’t think of way to do it that wouldn’t create a seam of some sort, but there may be someone out there with a suggestion.

Gee, I must have taken a long time to write my post, because I didn’t see your’s until after I posted mine, Brendajos :blush:. Anyway… I just looked on yarndex, and though it describes astra as a DK, I think 24 stitches over 4 inches would be closer to a sport weight, wouldn’t it? Well, regardless of what they call it, at 6 stitches per inch, it seems like it should’ve turned out smaller if she knitted closer to the gauge on the label. Curiouser and curiouser…

I have to admit… I didn’t do a gauge swatch. :doh: I’ve only done swatches when it came to sweaters/tops/etc! I tried it on and it was huuuuge. When folded it looked like one of those huge frilly Victorian collars! I was telling my husband and he’s like “My mom is a lot bigger than you, maybe it should work… try it on and let me see.” Well, when he saw it on I could tell he was trying not to giggle! Right not I’m trying to think of something else I could make with the 3 skeins on Paton I used. We are on a tight budget so I don’t want to go buy more yarn, even if I did hate using this yarn!

Is it huge enough that you could wear it doubled, i.e., looped around twice – maybe with one loop around the neck and the other over the head or something… it’d be extra cozy that way. :wink:

Well, I can wear it that way! But my MIL is a lot heavier than I am so it would probably feel to snug on her. Unfortunately I look rather silly wearing it so I won’t even keep it for myself!

Maybe you and DH could play a little tug o’ war with it and stretch it out some! Might be a good way to release some of that frustration to boot! :wink:

I have an interesting question. It is a circle right? Knit in the round? Could you cut it, seam it and make it into something else? Could you take out the BO, pick up the stitches and keep knitting it in the round until it was long enough to use as a scarf? It looks like it could easily be a magic scarf, if you continue knitting it for awhile. Just curious.

I think it would be really heavy if I took off the BO edge and kept knitting it. I could perhaps seam it somehow… but I have never cut my knitting before! :shock:

To make light of the situation… I just wore it as a tube top. The DH would not stop laughing. :rofl:

update… it works as a skirt too! Yet, it is quite baggy in both of those situations!

Well, with the magic scarf scenario, you continue to knit in the round, but then when you are done, you drop every 4th or 5th stitch (depending on what stitch you’re doing) and that way it elongates. I don’t know, it was just a thought! :shrug:

i love the magic scarf and pulling it out is fun and scary all that the same time. what width is the cowl when it is laid flat now?

Ooohh! When I googled magic scarf that scarf you can buy in the store that is super strechy and can be a shawl, wrap, scarf etc was what came up! I will try and find the magic scarf technique you speak of!

The cowl measures about 16.5 inches wide while lying flat. I should have saw this coming!

I have a link! Here is one.

It just talks about the Bind off, and dropping the stitches. The rest is up to you to interpret. How many stitches you drop, etc. affects the finished size and how much it stretches. This was my interpretation for my son.

That is really neat! I remember hearing Brenda Dayne (i think it was her?) talking about that technique on her podcast but I never remembered to look it up! I’m not sure If I could do it in this situation though. The cowl is extremeley wide. Plus I’m all out of the 3 balls of Astra I used and I really don’t want to buy more. Perhaps I could frog the whole thing, and just use the yarn for this project? I just feel like :gah: with my whole MIL gift process! In the meantime I am casting on for Odessa for myself… :teehee:

I am thinking that the wider the tube, the longer it will be when you drop the stitches? Think of it this way: if you’re willing to frog it anyway, why not start dropping stitches and see what happens? :shrug:

i don’t know…if you do the drop stitch thing it will shrink in width some but i think you would end up with a really wide scarf still.

This is the only one that i have done that i have in my photobucket account. it is a little hard to tell what can happen to it, but if you use a big enough needle (I used one that was probably too small for the 2 strands of Koigu i was using on this one) it can look really super lacy and fancy when you are done with it. Best part is that for these i knitted about 2 feet and depending on how it was knit up, you can end up with anywhere between a 4 foot and 6 foot scarf when you are done. the only thing i ever had problems with was the joint when i joined skeins but it seems fairly unnoticable to most people i think…except me of course.

i always just knit in the round stockinette stitch and then drop every other stitch when binding off. easy peasy :shrug:

I think I have a doable solution! So I redid the BO and dropped every other stitch. I almost done making the ladders, and it turned out to be quite poncho shaped! When I tried it on the DH said his mom would LOVE something like it. :cheering: I think I will need to buy some yarn for fringe and perhaps add a crochet neckline(even though crochet hooks are usually my mortal enemy…)

well that was kind of what i was thinking you would get if you did that with what you have, but i wasn’t sure about the shape on it. That’s great! maybe you could try something from Knitting on the edge (or one of Nikki’s “edge” books) if you don’t want to do a crochet edge.

so you have just created a magic poncho!!! (Wasn’t the ripping fun?!.. :teehee: it’s kinda like frogging on purpose!)