I hate picking up stitches for Borders never get the correct amount of stitches anybody else have this problem x

Welcome to the forum!
I often don’t get the specified pattern stitch number but either ignore or adjust on the next row.

Sometimes it helps to divide up the area where sts are to be picked up into quarters or even eighths and then pick up the correct number in each of the segments. When it’s critical to have the exact number for a border lace or other pattern this works. You can also usually adjust the number of sts on the next row or round.

For a plain border where stitch count isn’t critical, I pick up 3sts for every 4 rows in stockinette and 2sts for every 3 rows garter. Across a cast on or cast off edge, pick up one for one. These ratios work out quite well and if you’re a couple of sts off you can adjust on the next row or not.


Thanks hun great advice