Border suggestions needed

Hi there. I need some suggestions about how to finish off a baby blanket. I am knitting my new niece a stripped blanket out of some nice cotton. I am alternating wide bands of garter and stockinette stitch to give it some textural interest. The problem as you know is that the edges on part of it want to roll up. So, I’m thinking that I need to do some sort of a border around it.

I suppose I could do a simple siingle or double crochet border around it. Make a couple of rows so it would be a decent width. What do you think?? Would that look goofy against a knit blanket??

Oh, no. Crochet is very often used for that very reason. And it would be easier than picking up stitches all around the blanket for a knit border.

Thanks Ingrid!! I agree that it would definately be alot easier.

i just got Knittin on the Edge a few weeks ago… LOVELY borders in there… and knitting over the edge has great ones too (we ordered thatfrom amazon, hasn’t come yt). Other ideas, in case someone else needs one! I am crochet-impaired, so I try to stick to knitted borders, personally. :slight_smile: