Booties/short rows

Lots of baby knitting going on. Lots of loved babies around here.

I’m still confused about how to do short rows. Ive got a book that explains it and I get the concept, but not how to actually do it. Any help on that would be helpful.

Thanks, Candace

There is a video on it, but I’m assuming you watched that. I find that if I have something in print in front of me I can follow better–check and recheck.

I was going to post the same thing. I want to knit this hat from knitty

but I dont understand the turn thing.

Sorry to split in your doubt Candance.

When they say to turn, you’re just turning your work to knit/purl the other way, as if you had completed the row. That’s where the term ‘short row’ comes from. You’re only knitting part of the row. The wrap and turn is to prevent a gap from showing. So knit to where you do the wrap. Turn as if you were starting the next row.

Short rows are pretty easy. You just knit however many sts you’re told to, then for the wrap, you slip the next stitch, move the yarn so that it goes between the slipped stitch and the next stitch, then move the slipped stitch back. Then knit back the way you came. The “wrap” is just your working yarn making a loop around the base of the next unknit stitch. It holds the two rows together so you avoid a hole.

IF your pattern tells you to “hide wraps” when you do finally knit the entire row, you just pick up the wrap and knit or purl it with the stitch it goes around.

Give it a try. It’s easy. :slight_smile:

Thank you!!! I just finished my first section of the hat. I only have one problem. THERE ARE HOLES!!! And I unraved it so many times to fix that and still couldn’t get it right.

Also there is a bump, a sort of revoltijo of yarn…