Bootie patterns

I found a couple of pairs of booties that I would love to try, but don’t know where I can get the pattern.

I emailed her and asked her where to get the pattern, but haven’t heard back from her.

Is there a book out there with just bootie patterns?

Looking at the ebay links, it looks like the auction is for the pattern, which is why she’s probably not emailing you back with it? :shrug:

I would google “baby bootie patterns” or go to this site and search for booties. These are free patterns.

Maybe try amazon or something to see if there are books out there?[size=6][/size][size=7][/size]

Thanks. I believe you are right. They are cute, though aren’t they. Debbyd

I believe that is a lion brand pattern and it has a sweater to go with it. I hope that helps. lisa :teehee: Just go to lionbrand web site and in pattern search type in booties

I just seen this on the Lion brand website and it is sold in a kit with a sweater.

Why not just start off making a pair of socks, but after the ribbing switch to fun fur.