Medium ability knitter but struggling with bootees…
can anyone tell me how the following works
*knit tog next st and same st from 4 rows below from back, rep from * to end ???
Never done bootees before … so I may be out of my depth its a simple sirdar pattern 3108
Ive done the blanket and bonnet already… just stuck on these little boots and they look so sweet.
Cant seem to make the intro thread work… Ive had three goes and given up…
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It sounds like a tuck stitch. Try this video.

Welcome, Hilary!
(GG, it seems to be a different tuck stitch from the one shown in the video you linked to.)
Looking at the pattern, it may be the little roll at the base of the bootie. It shows in some of the projects.

This video shows that roll/tuck stitch. The idea of marking the sts 4 rows below is a good one. It keeps you from missing a stitch and skewing the tuck.

Darling layette.

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Aha thank you that makes it much clearer than the first video … yes I think its a little ridge around the bootee… I will have a go and see how I get on… baby due today so best get my skates on… lol

Congratulations on the new grandbaby! You have the bonnet and blanket so I think the baby will be patient about the booties.