Books for a Newbie

Hi Everyone,

I am a new knitter, I have completed 3 scarfs in the last month. And I am ready to move to some different things.

I would love to get a couple of books to help me along the way.

One for me, general knitting book with how-to, stitches and techniques. And one for a child my 6 year old wants to learn.

Any suggestions for a beginner. I am a life long sewer and do needle point so following patterns is not new to me.

I’d suggest going to your local library and check out some different books from different authors to see what and whom you like. You will then have some idea of what to shop for.

[SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=2]Hi Trisha! Yeah, that’s what I did, look at books from the library first, then you know if you want to own them.

When I first got hooked, I joined the book club so I could get 4 knitting books for that low price. It was worth it. Also, Amazon offers $30 off your first order if you use their credit card (well, it’s a bank). I just did that and got two more knitting books for just the shipping cost.

I think for a beginner one of the best books is Sally Melville’s Knit book. I kept checking it out of the library and finally just bought it. The Knitter’s Bible covers everything but it’s not too fancy. And the Knitter’s Book of Yarn by Clara Parkes is really fun and has some great items to make. Good luck!
You might want to check out ebay also for used books.

Hiya Trisha,
Welcome to the party!!
One book that I’ve found indespensible has been “the knitter’s handy book of Patterns” by Ann Budd. It has basic patterns for just about everything and with different sizes and yarn weight (gauge). It has everything from mittens to sweaters, to cardigans and hats. Also I am a big fan on knitting mags. Vogue, interweave, etc. they always have useful info in them not just patterns.:x:

Thanks for the library suggestion. I was given a book store gift card for Christmas and it is burning a hole in my pocket.

So if you were giving a book as a gift to a new knitter what would you give and why?

I agree w/checking out the library–I’ve done that w/knitting, sewing, quilting books. There have been a few books I kept renewing–so I finally bought those. Also, go browse at B & N or Borders–they seem to have a lot of the newer books in. I find that I need to look through a book before I buy it. Sometimes what is recommended by others isn’t quite what I am looking for/doesn’t have enough that I will use to make it really worth the investment, KWIM?

My daughter enjoyed Kids Learn to Knitby Lucinda Guy. It’s simple and has a few cute projects to go with each new skill. Frankly, I found it helpful when I was learning, too. :slight_smile:

My MIL gave me The Knitting Answer Book by Margaret Radcliffe, and I really like it. The author does a very good job of explaining various stitches, problems you may encounter knitting, and how to fix your mistakes.

Hi Trisha, I love “Miss Bea’s Band” by Louisa Harding. I am a brand new knitter and I knitted the Maracas sweater for my 3 year old granddaughter. It was really easy. The only thing I had trouble with was sewing the collar on, which I ended up doing a baseball type stitch and it turned out beautiful.:knitting:

I will check out the library in the next town over the next time I go. Any suggestions on where to start?

Sally Melville’s two books ‘THE KNIT STITCH’ AND ‘THE PURL STITCH’ are very thorough. I also really like the patterns in ‘LAST MINUTE KNITTED GIFTS’

And for a child, the Klutz book on knitting has clear instructions and you might want to look through the book ‘TEEN KNITTING CLUB’

Excellent advice! I do that all the time! Saves big bucks!
Especially when there’s only one section you really need, why buy the whole book, when you can check it out free?

Is there a knitter’s book club? If so, what and where ?

WAIT! Buy [SIZE=“6”]Knit Grrl [/SIZE]books, by Shannon Oakey!

she has 2 books, I have both:

I’m not ashamed to admit that when I began to knit, these were just right for me. The photos are great, easy to understand instructions thru the whole book! Both books!

i liked the knit grrl books too, got them from the library. I think we should do a book exchange here on KH. Have all our contact info in the book and loan them out like libraries. :slight_smile: Magazines too. Something like “Knitflix” but they aren’t “flix” so that doesn’t really work, does it?..

HEY! That’s a SWELL Idea!! ha ha! Really, it is a good idea. Knitflix sounds just fine. What about postage?
Everyone takes care of their own?

Yes, the knit grrl books were such a help! None of this dry, knitting talk, without explanations. She made sure every term was well explained. Did you do any of the patterns? I did the pink water bottle carrier, the circular hat, and a couple of other things…can’t recall right now.

I think that would be fair that everybody would take care of their own postage. I mean, if I borrowed from you, I’d have to return it and could slip in the $ to pay you back. What a nice book mark upon return!

Bittersweet memory your post just jogged in me. My mother died 2 thanksgivings ago, and, as we 3 offspring were going through her belongings, we found out that she used one dollar bills as bookmarks.
They were found all through her paperbacks!

Funny how you think those feelings are done with, but, one little
reminder brings it back, almost fresh.

! Oh, I hope I didn’t make you too sad! I think if I did that with dollar bills, I’d end up leaving a fortune! Something to ponder! ha! :slight_smile: hug for you too…