Bookmark KAL

[COLOR=blue]Hello everyone :waving: [/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue] I am :knitting: away at my christmas gifts and I have started a knitted bookmark and I thought it would be fun to make this a KAL. [/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]You can use any pattern you want!![/COLOR]

Hi esiuol!

I think it’s a very nice idea to knit a bookmark, because I enjoy both reading and knitting so much!

So…I’m in :slight_smile: This is my first KAL and also the first bookmark I knit, so I’m very eager to start this :drool:

This evening I will finish the scarf that is still on my needles and then from tomorrow on I can concentrate on knitting and look for a nice pattern and yarn.

What kind of bookmark are you knitting?

Is this a bookmark KAL or a knit-anything-and-talk-to-me KAL?

Cyanmar, what’s so wrong about a bookmark KAL?

Anyway, I started knitting my bookmark yesterday. The pattern I use can be found here , but I’m knitting it without the tassel.

I actually just completed a bookmark for a mother’s day present to go in a book I got for her. I will post pics later!

[SIZE=4][COLOR=blue]Hi Findus,[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=4][COLOR=blue] The bookmark I am starting with is a Elegant Bookmark from a knitting digest magazine that my friend let me borrow. I like the pattern you are doing that will be my next one.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

Thank you for the link that is definately going on my list of things to do its so pretty :lol:

Nice that you like the pattern I chose, esiuol and Pauline! :waving:

I’m knitting it in slightly shining, royal blue yarn that is really slippery.
Somehow I must have done a mistake in the pattern because I had to many stiches at the end of one line… So I tryed to unravel two lines to find the mistake, but while doing that I must have pulled to much so that I really lost the control of the stiches and couldn’t “catch” them anymore… :shrug:

I had already knitted half of the bookmark and was really angry with me that I had to start all over again… :wall:

But now I’m again half done and I think I really like to knit lace :slight_smile:
I hope I will finish my bookmark in the next days so that I can send it home to my mum as a present for mother’s day. :balloons:

I had some unexpected freetime and just finished my bookmark. :woohoo:

I fixed it on a towel for blocking and shot a picture to show you

edit: seems like I’m just not able to include the picture to this post, so you get a link to my picasa album:

That is so pretty well done. I haven’t started mine yet but I will definately be knitting one soon xx

Thank you, Pauline, for that nice comment :hug:

I must admit that I made some changes to the pattern. :oops: Instead of the garter stich I knit on the front side and purled on the backside, because I just don’t like the look of garter stich. I also took fingering yarn instead of lace yarn, so that the bookmark turned out a bit bigger than in the pattern.

Good luck for knitting yours :thumbsup:

[SIZE=4][COLOR=blue] Your bookmark is beautiful:cheering: . I am still :knitting: on mine!![/COLOR][/SIZE]!

May I join your group?
I’d like to make a nice knit lace cross for mothers day, does anyone know where I could find a beginners pattern for this?

This is a 4 yr old thread and none of these members are active anymore. If you’re looking for a pattern make a post in the Pattern Central forum and you’ll get lots of help. :thumbsup: