Book Thoughts?

I’m looking at getting hubby a couple books to help him learn to spin better. Anyone have/read these?

The Whole Craft of Spinning
Spin It : Making Yarn from Scratch

Any other suggestions??

I have the whole craft of spinning. Its fine. Its slim. But its only 6 bucks. Worth buying just to have it on the shelf. But the info is about what you find on the net (no offense to the author) and so is not very detailed.

I have Hands On Spinning by Lee Raven. I really like it. It is more geared to wheel spinners - but there is a chapter on spindle spinning also.
Definately a beginner book so the info is not terribbly broad. But the basic steps are there. A beginner could use this book for a long time while prefecting the basics of draft, twist and plying and fiber prep. But it does not go beyond that. I think this is an excellent first book.