Book Review: ENCYCLOPEDIA OF KNITTING: A Step-by-Step Visual

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF KNITTING: A Step-by-Step Visual Guide, With an Inspirational Gallery of Finished Works by Lesley Stanfield, Melody Griffiths.

I know I don’t need anymore books with technical help, stitches or fixes, but then again I don’t need anymore yarn, yet I keep buying more…

I’ve had this book for about a month. I didn’t think too much of it, as I had not really delved into the meat-n-potatoes, the stitches. When I finally jumped in, I discovered some great looking treats, some very easy, some a little more daunting.


I think that the book is easy to comprehend, even for a novice, such as myself and it introduces the user to charts, if they have no experience using charts. I found that it’s well written and pretty well organized.


This is not a major deal, but the chart key is in the very back of the book. I think that it should go between the technical section and the stitches, but again…nothing major.

There is one missing chart key, which impacts several lace stitches. There’s no correction found on publisher’s website or anywhere else, for that matter, but after doing some investigative work, I managed to get the missing key. It’s posted on my blog, if anyone needs it.

Overall, I love the book. The pictures are large, clear and the patterns are detailed and easy to follow. I think it was money well spent.