Book / Magazine Opinion

I’m sure that this topic has been covered on KH in the past (I’m new so bear with me)… :smiley:

What are the “Must-have” books and/or Magazines. I’d include a list of the books that I purchased, but I have so many that it’s a little embarrassing ((I’m another one of those “Type-A” people)). I think that I’m looking for some books (or magazines) that have “unusual” things to make (not just sweaters or baby booties).

ALSO, is there a place where I should be getting my yarn??? I’ve heard about KnitPicks… but are they really good, or can I find good deals at my local craft store??

If you use the search tool above, you will find TONS of “reviews” to answer both of your questions…search “favorite books” and “knitpicks”

Now…about craft stores. Im assuming you mean Michaels or Joanns or such stores. It depends on what you are looking for. You arent going to find REALLY yummy yarns there. If you are looking for GOOD merino, or anything like alpaca or silk, you’ll have to look elsewhere. But, if you are looking for soft acryllics or novelty yarn, then craft stores may be the way to go.

I say Knit1 is a must have… but most people won’t agree with me :roflhard: It is kind of edgy and off the wall (yep pretty much describes me!) And they are having a mens issue next time around and I’ve herad some pretty good things about it :wink:

oh i agree with you! I love knit1, and I love creative knitting too. I think it really depends on preference tho, really. just take a peak around at the stores and see which ones you like?

I recently bought The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns.

I have to say that this is THE MOST invaluable book for a knitter.
It has patterns for:
and Sweaters

And you can knit any of them in virtually any size with any weight yarn. If you didn’t add your own color patterns or stitch patterns, there are still 350 different patterns in this book. Add your own touch to each project and you’ll never need another pattern again.

See… I told you. Invaluable. :heart:

A few sources with great bargains besides KnitPicks:

Thanks for the advice… It’s off the the store tomorrow!!!

Hi Silver–I just ordered the book you suggested–The Handy Book of Patterns", :happydance: and another one–I can’t even thinkof the name of it right now!! :rollseyes: But I’m glad to know that you like the former one–I can’t wait to see it. It’s good to know that you can change the pattern to fit the yarn you choose instead of using just what a pattern recommend.s :XX:

I, too, have ‘knitter’s handy book of patterns’…a must have
’knitter’s bible’ is great’
I have around 30 or so books…depends on what u r looking for, but those 2 are very good all around books to have.

Does Joann’s or Michaels ever have this book???

I’ve never seen either of the books that I mentioned there…you could try barnes & noble; booksamillion, etc

I like interweave knits. They have extra stuff on their website too.