Book help

Can anyone recommend a book that will help me polish up my finishing techniques?

I can knit, purl and manage most stitches but when it comes to sewing up and things I could do with a bit more help. I have the first stitch and bitch book, and a book called ‘Knitters Bible’, I like the stitch library in that.

I have some vouchers for Amazon left from Christmas so I thought I’d put them to good use. I think I might also get 101 Designer one skien wonders. I thought it could be could to get a book like that I haven’t seen many patterns that only take one ball.

I could use some help in this area too. I think its part of why I shy from the garment-type projects. I hate to have a beautifully knitted piece ruined because I can’t stitch it together. The Knitter’s Bible has helped me a lot, but I feel like I could use more help… perhaps in video form or more in-depth photos.

I really like Vogue Knitting. It’s got really great pictures, and shows how to finish in a variety of stitches and ribs. To me it’s very comprehensive:

Here’s an online book with a lot of info on finishing techniques.

Have you seen Janet Szabo’s book “The “I Hate to Finish Sweaters” Guide to Finishing Sweaters.” I do not believe Amazon sells the book (however, I have seen a review on their website), here is the link to Janet’s website: I really liked her book on how to design your own aran sweater. Her instructions are clear and concise, while being helpful to her reading audience. Although, most of the photographs in her book are black and white they are close up enough so that the reader can see the technique she is explaining.

I never leave home without it: Finishing Techniques by Nancie Wisemanand it is currently on sale at Amazon for only $16.

Why do I like it?[B][/B][COLOR=Blue][COLOR=Black]It is[/COLOR] [B]well-organized[/B][/COLOR], [B][COLOR=Green]concise[/COLOR][/B], and I can follow the diagrams! The [COLOR=Purple][B]diagrams[/B][/COLOR] are GREAT!

Thanks for the suggestions, I like the idea of getting a Vogue book. I’ll have a look on Amazon and see what I find.

Well, I’ll be doing a lot of browsing about today. Thanks for the suggestions. I’m most excited about [COLOR=DarkOrchid][B]diagrams[/B][/COLOR]… they make life so easy for a visual person like myself! Sales don’t hurt either (especially when you have a gift certificate). :wink:

I like the look of this one, might see if my library has a copy to look at. I’m not very good at finishing either.

You can knit a beautiful garment, but if it isn’t finished well, it shows. One my friends worked in a lys and she said there were “finishers” there (you pay big time for this) who would assemble the finished garment. But I would love to learn the techniques myself, and judging from Artlady’s FO’s, I would go with her suggestion as to a reference book.