Book Cover?

Does anyone have a free pattern for a simple book cover, that I can use for a text book? I need to get a cover for one of my text books and right now I’m using a scarf for it, since I just started school. I need something simple and quick for either 9s or 10s, no dpns, or circulars please

I was going to recommend sample wallpaper, but then I realized you were talking about a knitting pattern. Never heard of such, but someone somewhere probably has.

I just need something quick and simple I can do in like 2 hours, I don’t mind if it’s not a knitting pattern… I just need something to cover it or my teacher is going to be mad at me >.<

We used to cut up brown paper grocery sacks. Cut one open along the seam and cut the bottom off. Open the book flat and cut out about 2-3" around the outside of the book. Make diagonal cuts at the spine __/ so you have a flap. Fold the flaps to the inside, then fold the edges of the paper around the book edges and tape them down. Don’t tape the book, just paper to paper, and before you do, close the book to make sure the folds aren’t too tight.

1 problem with that, no paper bags… hence why I wanted to knit it, ehh I think I will just make a stockinette stitch cover, though not sure how to do the whole thing

Yeah, paper bags of any sort are an endagered species. At least they break down in landfills unlike plastic bags…

Decided to do a simple garter stitch cover, I just need to finish it up, I have 11 rows done already, I’ll have to use my scarf for a day or 2, until I finish this project

I wouldn’t think a knitted cover would last too long. They get pretty beat up in lockers, book bags, being dropped… Worth a try though.

We always used paper bags, too. (Now i use reusable bags for shopping.) You could also use wrapping paper for a cover although it’s often fairly thin.

Open your book flat on the table. Measure the length from end to end. Add 2-3 inches for “ease”. Then add 8-10 inches for the “pockets” at the ends for the covers. Write this number down on a piece of paper.

Now, close your book and measure it’s height. From top edge to bottom edge. Add 1 inch. Write that number next to the first one. These numbers are going to be how long to make your book cover.

You are going to knit a scarf for your book in garter stitch. Cast on however many stitches it takes to get that 2nd measurement. (the one from top edge to bottom edge) Then, just knit every row until you have a scarf the same length as the 1st measurement. Bind off and weave in your ends.

Spread your book out again and also spread out your scarf on the table or floor below it. Fold each end in 4-5 inches to make a “pocket” for the front/back covers. Use your book to help you with this. Sew the pockets in place on the top/bottom edges and weave in the ends again.

VOILA!!! Your new book cover!

Or here is a link:


I’m all for the paper bag. If you want to get fancy, use gift paper or the newspaper Sunday comics section.

Here’s a video that was just posted by one of the Youtube sites I subscribe to. How to make your own brown paper bag book cover.

my mom bought me book covers xD but at the time I didn’t have brown paper bags

I’ve used wrapping paper to wrap my textbooks – it just doesn’t last long and has to be redone now and then – and kraft-type paper on a roll is very similar to paper bags. (It’s been a while since I’ve seen kraft paper gift wrap, but it might be available in a craft store.)

I know this is probably too late, but you can buy brown paper the same consistency as paper bags, even a little heavier on a roll at places like offices stores, Target or Walmart. I know because I have a big roll I used to wrap boxes to ship to people. Maybe you can get a roll for next semester! It looks like the long gift wrap or Christmas wrap rolls only it is heavy brown paper and found where they have pens and paper and such in stores like Target and I would just ask someone at an office store.