Book Bargin

Ever since i viewed Ingrid’s FO gallery i’ve been in love with a particular pattern from the book, Tadpoles and Tiddlers (scroll down to see the patterns). That fish sweater is soooo cute.

But i kept thinking to myself, “hh, you can’t spend $20 on a book for ONE children’s sweater pattern!! Especially since you don’t have kids and won’t ever!!!”… UNTIL…

I was surfing the net and found a site offering the book for $3.95!!! Yes! With shipping it was $7.85 AND i like the other patterns in the book too (which is good because all of my friends are at the age where they’re getting broody). Bargin!!

There are other knitting books on offer too for anyone who’s interested.

I have two great friends who are Marine Biologists and i know they’d love to see their kids in that fishy sweater!! Ingrid, you are my inspiration!! (Now i just have to find the time to knit! Damned semester is eating up all of my time!!! argh!!)


Thank YOU for that site!!!

Yea great website :thumbsup: thanks for the tip.

And you know u can always go to and buy used books at a fraction of the orig price as well as new ones and the s&h charge isnt bad. I just got “Stitch 'N Bitch” by Debbie Stoller, and 2 weight watchers books through Amazon, used and they are in new condition! They took about a week from the time I ordered them.[[/u]