Booger bag question

I was going to start on a modified booga bag yesterday - what I am going to use is Elann’s Peruvian Chunky for the base and straps, and a corresponding Noro Kureyon for the body.

Here are the specs on the chunky:

Here is the pattern I am sorta using:

So I doubled up the Elann’s, and did it on size 11’s and the base appears VERY chunky - pre-felted - so I am thinking it is going to be too much when I felt. Like it can only shrink so far and maybe the base is going to end up distorted? Would I be better off just using a single strand of this? I think it will still be more sturdy than the Noro - my gut is telling me that this is the answer, but I need advise for you experts!

As you all know, the Elanns is cheap - but I hate to blow it with the Noro - that stuff is like gold!

That does seem like it will be a lot more chunky than the noro…I would just worry when you do the body in Noro that even doubled, it is going to be so different that it might not look right???

I think its going to felt wonky - so am going to single strand it instead. Thanks, Kemp you just reinforced my thinking on this!

You’re welcome…it does just seem like too much of a discrepancy for it to work out well. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!