Booga question

The original pattern for the booga (as seen on black sheep bags website) calls for 3 skeins of Noro which I have–my question is this–is that calculated for using one strand to knit with or two? I’ve gotten mixed answers–I’ve been told to do it w/ two but I only have 3 skeins so I need to know if I have enough yarn to do to strands or if I should stay with one.

I found this, if it helps.


Hey Ingrid–i think you may have copied the link wrong–it takes me to the forum index.

Me too!

Ingy’s probably had a long day! :wink:

Sorry, Rebecca talks about using single/double strands.

poor Ingrid has had a long day…she’s been answering my questions for 2 hours now! LOL!

I notice that at the end of the thread someone says a single strand works okay, but if knit on the size 10.5 needles the pattern calls for, won’t that make the stitches big and holey and a bit problematic?

AND, since the pattern calls for 10.5 needles, doesn’t that suggest double-stranding?

Oh god I hope so since I’ve already started w/ two strands…if not…I’m going to run out of Noro!!! AHHHHH!!!

Why don’t they have a emoticon for panic attack?

But isn’t felting supposed to be big and loose when you knit it? So many people have knit this bag–you’d think there’d be a definitive answer. :thinking:

Well, according to Kelly, the two strands felt better because there’s more friction…And she ought to know! :rofling:

I’m in a quandry now. I hope I haven’t misguided you, Cristy! I used 6 skeins of yarn on my booga, but I knit it bigger. (It turned out wonky because I can’t do math.)

I got your PM Angelia. My bag was NOT a booga bag, but I only single stranded the one I did. You might try a swatch both ways and see if it makes it enough different to warrant doubling the yarn.

I did my booga with 1 strand NORO. I don’t remember is saying to double strand it anywhere. I believe that double stranding it would make it sturdier, though. But I was also under the impression that the loose stitches are supposed to be big b/c they shrink when felting. My booga turned out great. Sorry I don’t have a pic.

Sooooo…is the bag not sturdy with one strand or is it still functional? I’m not sure what to do–I didn’t want to order more yarn but now I’m wondering if I should…thoughts???

Mine is perfect. I use it all the time. As an example, I carried 2 hard back book, 1 WIP and my wallet in it and it holds up great. I just mean that it you want a stiffer bag, double stranding is the way to go. my single stranded bag is kinda floppy when empty.

I guess it depends on what you plan to use the bag for. General purse stuff is probably okay with one strand, but for someone like me who carries lots of books, double-stranding is the thing.

April–how big is your bag!!

It’s for my mom’s birthday and while she usually carries a medium sized purse, I’m making this the original size. I was thinking she could carry her wallet, glasses case, cell phone and keys…hopefully it’ll be big enough for that. If not, it’s the thought that counts.

I’ve decided to single strand…keeps me from having to buy more NORO. I’ll double strand the one I make for myself…hehehehe

You know, I never measured it. I think it turned out bigger than the pattern said it would, but not by much.

I’ve heard that the original booga bag is very little! Here’s a link you may not have seen.

Oh and another one.

But if you double strand it, aren’t you going to lose that cool Noro striping effect? Nowhere does it say anything about doubling in the actual pattern, if you use the Noro yarn.

I am making one right now. Single strand. I did a bit bigger than the specs after my midget booga bag (which was NOT with Noro, may have been finer in gauge and I believe I felted too long). The midget booga bag is very sturdy and nice.

Maybe I’m missing somethin’, but didn’t ya wanna make yer OWN Booga-Bag, instead of a copy that anybody can buy in a store?
Make yer own colors, shapes, sizes, strap length. YADDA YADDA YADDA.
I use the pattern for an idea and add my own cables, twists, colors, sizes…and so should you.
Or maybe it’s just me and I need a glass belly-button so I can see where I’m going with my head up my butt.
You tell me. :oops: