Booga/Noro question

I started my Booga last night. When I start the next skein do I need to try to follow the color pattern or does it turn out okay if I don’t. When I make striped socks I will not want them to match but I am wondering if I will be happy with my Booga if I do not follow the pattern. What do you think?

I have always just joined them without even thinking about the pattern of the colors and they have turned out fine.

Ditto what blue eyes said!

When I made my Noro sweater, I tried to match them up…it got frustrating - I finally gave up and thought I might hate the results, and definitely do NOT!


Thank you! That is just what I wanted to hear. I did not want this project to require too much brain work :smiley: .

I wanted mine to have the colors in the same order, with no colors left out…so I did have to adjust when I added the second ball of yarn-----however the yarn I balled off of the second hank so that they would start at the same color was used in the handle and it didn’t matter to me as much there…I have been very pleased with the finished product.