Booga bags

I view each and every one posted in awe and am dying to try one. However, being new to the knitting world, I’m wondering if there is maybe a less expensive yarn option for my first attempt. Everything I see regarding Boogas references Noro…suggestions for a suitable substitute to get started with and then work up from there? (let’s just say I’m a bag ho, so I feel certain there is more than one in my future LOL)

Many people, including myself, have used Wool of the Andes from It is very reasonably priced and felts up great. It makes beautiful boogas!!! :smiley:

WOTA is fantastic for felting!

Be advised, though, that the booga is smaller than it looks in the photo on the pattern page. You might want it small, I don’t know, but I just wanted to tell you in case you hadn’t looked at the dimensions.

It looks to me like knitqueen has offered you the best bet. I wish I had known about WOA from knitpicks before I knit my booga. WOA is 1.79 for 110 yds. - which would be hard to beat!

I can recommend what I used as another inexpensive option. I used Patons classic which I purchased from Michael’s (chain craft store) for about $4.00-$5.00 per 223 yds/100g… So if you figured by the yard, it is just a little more than WOTA - but I didn’t have to wait or order via internet. I bought 2 balls of the Patons for the same price our LYS shop sells 1 50g ball of Noro! I single stranded with the Patons, but next time I’d double strand the bottom to make it stronger (and maybe the whole thing really).

Single stranding it, my bag cost me around $6.00 to make (since I barely tapped into the second skein of Patons). If I’d made it from Noro purchased from my LYS (selling it at $9.50/ball), it would’ve cost me around $30.00. I’m not knocking the Noro - it is beautiful. I just needed something less expensive

I’m using WOTA for a booga bag right now! I really like the yarn. I’m using 3 different colors and just making random stripes to keep it interesting. :smiley:

The Booga is also on my list of future projects, and I have a question (not to hijack the thread). Do you have to do the “jogless” stripe thing if you’re not using a yarn that naturally stripes, or can you not really tell after it felts?

:smiley: I also recommend WOTA, I used it with my Booga; it felts quite nicley :smiley: Have fun :wink:

The jog is hardly noticeable after felting. And with a self-striping yarn, just let it do it’s own thing!

Cascade 220 also felts nicely. My LYS sells it for $6.60 a hank, so it’s still not as cheap as WOTA, but if you want to support your LYS, it’s a good alternative to Noro Kureyon. I love Noro because of the colorways. My LYS sells Noro for $8.50 a skein. I guess that’s good based on what I’ve seen here. :smiley:

Lamb’s Pride, though not as cheap as WOTA, felts beautifully, too–and it is a bit more fuzzy, too, which I really like. It’s around $7 a skein, but the skein is 200 yards. It comes in really fun colors, too.

ETA: wondering if I could use “too” one more time… :rollseyes:

Looked at some of the links to booga bags. They’re all gorgous, especially the red one with flower. I’ve done a booga in wool/alpaca DK from The Natural Dye STudio on Ebay UK. Did one in the original size and one quite a bit bigger. Felted beautifully. Don’t know if I can get WOTA in the UK, wonder how muchpostage would cost from the States. Can’t believe the pirce. :thumbsup: :XX: don’t post internationally. Anyone know anywhere else I can buy WOTA, either US website that ships internationally or website in the UK?

I used Patons Classic Merino for my Booger. I got it here.

Thanks for the heads-up on dimensions…cause Lord knows I’m all about ‘bigger is better’… I think I remember seeing a pattern for a larger Booga at some point, am I imagining that?

And thanks to all for the responses regarding the yarn substitution…I’m just itchin to try one of these. I think I will eventually just HAVE to do one with the Noro also, but thought it might be wise to start a little less expensive and work my way up.

Gotcha! :wink: :rofling: The influence of your students again, Ang!

ETA: Sorry, I ignored the thread topic! I made a Booga in WOTA in blueberry - it came out well, I thought, for my first ever felted project (and first ever bag).

I used nearly two balls of the Patons for my booger {bigger + booga = booger}. If I wouldn’t have added in my stripes, I could have made it for well under $15 including taxes {about $6 each for the wool + tx}… I can’t even buy a nice tote bag for that at work!


Gotcha! :wink: :rofling: The influence of your students again, Ang![/quote]

#$%$#!!! #$&@!!! :evil:


If you want to make a Booga-ish bag that is a little more rigid (stands up on its own) I like Lamb’s Pride Bulky on US #15 needles. You’ll need two skeins. I did this project with a group of 12yo girls this winter, and we modified the pattern a little bit to fit a standard box for blocking. The box is 4 x 10 x 12.

Make an 8 foot 2-stitch I-cord. Set aside.
Cast on 26 stitches.
Knit 26 rows, slipping the first stitch of each row (stockinette or garter, you choose.)
Knit one more row (26 stitches).
Pick up stitches down left side of base (13 stitches), pick up along original cast on stitches (26 stitches), and pick up stitches along the final side of the rectangle base (13 stitches). You should have 78 stitches total. Place marker.
Knit in the round until the yarn is almost gone. Cast off.
Wallop in gromets, lace in strap. Tie knot.
Wear proudly.

This bag is a tight fit over the box, so the finished product is nice and crisp. It looks especially good with a fob closure (a heavy trinket stitched on the outside of the bag, and a loop on the opposite side to go around the trinket.)