Booga Bag

I was just reading about someone making a booga bag. Would anyone have a pic of one so I could see what they look like? It sounds interesting.

Here’s the booga bag pattern and photo.

wow, that is gorgeous!!!

Yeah, it’s on my list of must dos… one of these days I’ll get brave and try it. :wink:

they are easy! i’m finishing one as we type. but i making a special one then i have a normal one to do as a Christmas gift. i can’t wait to show it to you all when it is done!!! :happydance:

Yeah, it’s on my list of must dos… one of these days I’ll get brave and try it. ;)[/quote]

LOL yea its on my must do list also!

carmell, put me on your christmas list. LOL!!

Back in the day, I thought this pattern was way beyond me. Well, after just a few hours, mine is more than half done. It is just plain easy. Very repetitive and only a few challenging moments, and those were more under the category of Dumb Blonde moments rather than hard pattern issues…

I am doing a gift one out of Elann Peruvian wool, in pink and plum, will show it pre-felted and post felted. I have some Noro Kureyon to do it for myself, and anticipate doing many more of these as time goes on.

here’s mine

i’m tryin to get on some!!!

heather, what yarn did you use?

Noro by Kureon. :slight_smile: NO idea of the color…big help eh? lol…

LOL, well it’s very pretty!
I’m about to order 3 skeins to make the bag. no telling when I’ll get to it, but I love the look of it.

Kureyon, by Noro… looks like 139 or 134. very nice. looks like the size of mine prefelted!!! :shock: hhmmmmm… i hope mine doesn’t shrink a lot!

thanks for fixing my booboo…lol…I get mixed up with the kids names half the time…lol…I was surprised I even remembered the yarn!!

no problem. i call my son my daughters names all the time!!! :oops:

Thanks for sending the pictures. The bag is beautiful. Could I ask where you purchased the yarn? I checked some websites out…they also have the big Noro Kureyon yarn. Do you use the regular or the big? I’m going to make one…and when I do…I may pop on here to get more information to get started. Thanks again.

THANKS!!! I use it all the time…it is my purse.

I got mine at the LYS…but there was a site that had a KILLER sale on it…I think…but that’s all I remember??

do a search on the site for the last 3 days, and you should find it I think

could you tell me what LYS is? I’m new at this. :??

LYS=Local Yarn Store…

is there a list of those wonders someplace??? :slight_smile:
don’t be shocked when you see SEX…that is a Stash Enrichment eXcursion…(I think…LOL)