Booga bag

I just finished this bag this morning. I used Knit Picks Wools of the Andes in Violet and Blueberry, I used about 3 skeins. I used the leftovers to knit a hat. This is my first felted project. This is a Christmas gift for my brother-in-laws girlfriend.

I’ve already started a second one for myself in red and black.

:cheering: Nice job! She should love it!

How cool is that!! :cheering: nice job!!!

How did you do the handle? Did you hold the purple and blue together at the same time or did you do one st purple, one st blue?

Very nice! Did you follow the pattern exactly or make it bigger? It looks bigger than the one from the pattern.

Great job!

I love it…nice colors :cheering:

I did hold both colors together for the handle and I didn’t make it bigger. I should have made the handles bigger.

Really cute!

Lovely purple! Very nice.

Very cool!!! :cheering:

Love it love it!!

My next project is a bag so I am pleased to see this one finished.

Love the wool and colour. I would be so pleased to get this for a gift.

:hug: Sharon

Very cute!

I really like your bag. The colors are great together. My next bag is going to be in Knit Picks WOTA also, in the colors violet and hush. I’m glad you posted this for us to see. It turned out really well.

That is a great bag. Did you just change colors randomly or did you follow a mathematical pattern?