Booga bag

Hi, I am totally new here. I’ve been perusing the site for a few days now and have to say I am very excited about finding this site. Everyone is so helpful. So I’m hoping I too can get some help.

I have seen many beautiful pictures of the booga bag, and would like to make one. I went to Michael’s last night, and went a little yarn crazy (they are having a huge sale on yarn). Anyway, I looked and the Black Sheep pattern for the booga bag, and I am having trouble understanding it.

I’m not quite sure how to pick up stitches, etc. Is there anywhere the pattern is written out so it is a little easier to understand for someone who as up until this point only made scarves and afghans…and who just yesterday got her first set of circular needles (Denise)?

welllllllllllcome! i don’t have that pattern written out any more than what it is but here is a great video on picking up stitches. that is what i used to learn and found it is easy peasy! scroll down a bit to find it. great videos on knitting in the round with those brand spankin’ new Denise needles of yours too! :thumbsup:

oooh…btw…were you going to make it with something you found at Michaels? you have to make sure what you use is at least 85% wool but 100% is better. Anything that isn’t an animal fiber in the yarn won’t felt. My Michael’s stores are distinctly lacking in natural fibers so do make sure that what you have will felt. would hate for you to do all that work and then not be able to felt the bag!

if you have specific questions about the pattern don’t hesitate to ask…lotsa people here eager to help! :wink: :thumbsup:

I got 6 skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease. Then I went nuts, I got a whole bunch of really nice yarn for scarves for Christmas presents. I started one last night. I spent $60, but I figured it out, if I’d paid full price for all the yarn I got I would have spent $286…yeah baby!!! I’m a yarn ho.

:frowning: someone else wanna do it? i don’t wanna…seriously…someone else tell her… :verysad: :verysad: :verysad: :verysad: :verysad:

In general, the wool-ease is about 20% wool and the rest is mostly acrylic. It is perfect for a lot of things, but felting isn’t one of them. The booga can’t be made with that yarn. You CAN find lots of bags that require worsted weight wool that are NOT felted and make those with it, but not something that is to be felted. I am sorry! :verysad:

You could prolly make it with Paton’s Classic Wool if your Michael’s carries it…I think most do. It’s 100% wool so perfect for felting! It’s about $5 a skein.

That’s ok, it was on super sale. I only paid $1 per skein. My local yarn shop is also having a sale, I just hope I can get over there before the sale is over.


I have a question. Where do you fine cute, bright colors in wool? The Michael’s around here only has drab colors.

have you tried KnitPicks? a lot of people have used their Wool of the Andes for their booga bags and they have many great color choices!

I went to a local yarn store yesterday and got some cascade 220, it is really pretty, and not too expensive. I 7 skeins of it they had some really nice colors.

PERFECT!! Cascade 220 is ideal for felting. Once you get bitten by the felting bug (and please ask any questions you may have about how to do it) you will have to try the CLOGS!!! See this thread Good luck!

Ok, so I’m about a quarter of the way done on my bag. I went over to the yarn shop and got them to help with with picking up the stitches, and I’m glad, because I would have done it wrong.

Apparently, I knit so tightly, I had to go up to a size 13 needle, rather than the 10 1/2. I’m making the bag 1 and 1/2 times the size of the pattern. But I have one more question RE: felting.

Online everywhere says to put the item to be felted in a zippered pillowcase. But the lady at the yarn shop said she doesn’t do that, she just throws her item into the wash and felts.

Which way is better?

i’ve read that the fibers that come off of your bag during the felting process can seize up something (the pump mabye) in your washer. putting it in a closed pillow case keeps all of the fibers contained.

i bought my zippered pillow cases from walmart. 2 for $3.

COOL! Thanks, that definately helps. I thought maybe it was so that soap didn’t get into the fibers or something.

the other thing you have to think about is that it could catch on things in the machine…the agitator if you have one and/or whatever you put in there to help with the process. if you put it in a bag you will help avoid that.

when i do handles i felt them separately and i have a couple of little lingerie thingies (i believe they were suppose to be for bras but i can’t remember) that are two sided so i can put one strap in each side to avoid them getting tangled and felting together. also keeps them from getting tangled around an agitator (i don’t have one in my machine but if i did…)

you can use a regular pillow case and just tie it with a knot but dealing with taking that out when you check on it is a PITA! (especially if you are a delicate flower like i am {stop laughing} and are put off by super hot water! :wink: )

Hi letah75! I am following closely your progress on the booga bag since I am considering trying that as well…it would be my first felting AND first circular needle project!! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing and seeing how it turns out!

Cool! I am halfway done with mine. I am making it 1 1/2 times the size, 'cause I want a big one!

I am double stranding with cascade 220, but double stranding with two different colors at a time, and mixing up the colors so that it is varied. It is starting to look kind of psychadelic/central american (if you know what the native skirts in guatamala look like)

I don’t have digital camera so all of my pictures have to be taken with my cell phone which doesn’t pick up colors very well…but I can try to post a picture of what I have done so far if you would like.

When I had to figure out how to pic up the stitches, I went to the local yarn store for help. I am not so good at learning from a video, I am one of those that learns from doing, so I had them show me how to do it.