Booga bag help

i’m currently knitting a <a href=“”>booga bag</a>, and have completed the first 34 rows of back-and-forth garter stitch. however, the “picking up twisted stitches” part is brand new to me. from the descriptions of a twisted stitch i’ve found elsewhere and the video about picking up stitches on this website, my understanding is that i will a) start picking up stitches at the edge at the top of my work and b) insert the right needle through a loop at the top edge, hold it behind the left needle, and then knit it as normal. however, when i’ve attempted to do this (starting with the top ridge closest to the left needle), i’m able to get one new (tight!) stitch on my left needle. but when i go into the next ridge to make a new stitch, i end up losing them both. am i doing something wrong? is there a good visual illustration of this online anywhere?

thank you all for all the help you’ve given me so far.

Just pick up the sts knitwise; many people found the `pick up twisted sts’ doesn’t matter - it’s going to be felted anyway.

Both my sister and I have made this bag twice and we just picked up the stitches normally and it worked just fine.

I too am going to knit this bag. I have seen the instructions on two different sites and nowhere does it mention the size of the bag before felting or the size after felting.

If anyone can provide me with the dimensions I would be very grateful. (especially the finished size).

A search on ravelry (free to join) came up with pages of booga bags, some of which give dimensions that may help.

That’s a really cute bag. It looks like it would be great as a lunch bag since it folds flat.