Booga bag help

I thought I had posted this already but I can’t find it. I need help reading the pattern and since I am probably the last one to knit one I am hoping for help. Can some one please explain what I am doing with the pick up and knit and also what the twisted stitches are? I am sure I am over thinking this but yikes! I thought this would be easy and yet I am confused.

After you’ve finished the bottom piece of the bag, you pick up sts along one side, the CO edge and the other side and begin knitting in the round. You don’t need to twist the sts when you pick them up; I think that’s in there to make them tighter, but the general consensus has been that since you’re felting it, it doesn’t make any difference. Look down towards the bottom of this page to see how to pick up stitches.

Great that wasn’t so bad as I was making it out in my head. Now I think I can plow through those.

I was wondering, too. The Booga Bag was the first real piece of knitting I did, and I totally missed the part about twisting the stitches!!! My bag worked out fine, so I’m assuming it wasn’t necessary. :slight_smile: