cloud9 This baby is our newest addition. Husband found her out in the cold about a week ago while walking Mikey, our pekingese. She weighs all of 2 lbs 4 ozs. Already growing like a weed, and she is like having a toddler around!! Cute as a bug. Named her Boo because to us she looks like a Halloween kitty.

Oh how cute! My 9 yo kitty looks like that. Just remember that long-haired kitties shed like nobody’s business in the spring, so make sure Boo likes to be brushed!

:passedout: Oh she’s gorgeous!! Keep an eye on her, I may come and kitten-nap her from you. :teehee:

You are so lucky to have been adopted by such a pretty kitty! (I’m sure that’s how SHE sees it! :teehee:)

So cute!!!

:inlove: very cute!!

She is adorable! I hope you keep her inside.

How adorable!!! I can see why you kept her, it would be hard to not!

She is so cute, and you are smart to be found by a black kitten. Our Merlin was a long haired ‘ginger’ cat, whose love went with us everywhere.

Thanks for the pic! I needed to see a cutie right now!:muah:

She will definitely be inside. I have 2 others inside: An 8 yr. old tabby named Ninja, and a 7 yr. old calico named Kelly. They’ve been fine with Boo, so what’s one more right?

Ah she’s beautiful! I am glad you will keep her inside, where she’ll be safe and warm. :slight_smile:

How adorable! I have 4 “kids” myself, one is all black. When he sits in the sun, his fur actually looks very dark brown like cocoa powder, so I named him CoCo. The long hair is so soft, I love it. But in the summer he (along with his brother) gets shaved. We leave fur around the tip of the tail, paws, and head. Just like little lions. Our other two are older and short haired, and while they do shed a lot as well, we don’t bother shaving them. Just a good brushing when they permit. :0)