Boo hoo hoo hoo

Those are serious cries right there. :frowning:

I was knitting away on my Soleil last night and finally got to the part where I was supposed to divide for the arms. Well, what I had on my needle didn’t match what they were telling me. I reread the pattern about 40 times, did a whole lot of adding & subtracting on the calculator, and counted my stitches a dozen times.

I made a mistake about 20+ rows back. :frowning: I was supposed to repeat a series of rounds SIX times and for some reason I only did them TWO times!! :shock: :shock:

I am horrible at pulling off my needle, frogging, and putting back on the needle so I only have 2 choices: frog the whole thing :frowning: or tink it.

:crying: :crying:

I’m sorry :crying: I know how you are feeling… I was working away on Jems and last night realized I have to start over too… 9inches of waste… I could back off at 4inches but with the chart I don’t know if I could find my place… I’ll be thinking of you this afternoon as we frog or tink…

What a shame!

You really don’t have to tink all that work! Try pulling out the yarn until you’re about a row from where you want to be. Then gently pull out one stitch at a time and stick in your needle. Just get it in there. You can fix any twisted stitches later.

Sorry to hear you’re in the same situation, dustinac. :frowning:

Ingrid, I’m gonna’ trust you on this. Only I think I’ll leave maybe 2 or 3 rounds. lol I’ll try to do it by mostly frogging and a little tinking.

Taking a deep breath and heading off to pull it off my needles.

I’ve used Amy’s technique and inserted my needle into the work where I’ll be frogging back to

I’ve used this a couple of times with great success.

Good luck! :frog: :x:

Or you could use a much smaller needle than your project calls for, and re-insert where it needs to be without frogging (you will frog eventually but not until you have your needle stuck through the right # stitches and all on the same round) Here, under ‘fixing mistakes’ entitled 'Inserting a needle into destination row, before unraveling’

If you know where the beginning of your round is, start inserting your needle into the right ‘leg’ of each knit stitch until you get to the end of the round. Where you end up will appear to be on a different row (it looks like one row higher) but because you’re working in the round your knitting resembles a spiral so this is how it should look. Then once you know you have the correct # of stitches picked up, you unravel until you get to that point and your working yarn should be in the right spot to just continue on, and no risk of dropped stitches.

Yes, I agree with knitqueen and melinphx. Try reinserting the needle before you frog back. It’s my absolute favorite when I have to frog.

when you do the frogging and re-inserting your needles, I find it helps to pick up the stitches with a needle that’s several sizes smaller/thinner than the working needles that I’m using. That way I can pick up the stitches without much manipulation, which, in my case at least, greatly decreases the risk of dropped stitches forming runs in my work.

Once I have them all back safely on the needles, I knit them off the thin needle onto the working needles again. This also gives me a reminder that I need to pay special attention to the stitches still on the thin needle to make sure I didn’t twist them or split the yarn when I picked them up.

But, I do feel your pain and I hope you’ll get it done without any added damage! Goodluck! :thumbsup:

PS: good lighting and no cats around also help (don’t ask how I know :blush:)

I’ve used Amy’s trick, too! It works great! And for the future…insert a lifeline!

Well, I did it. I put a safety pin in 3 rows from where I made my mistake, scootched it off the cable and started frogging. When I got to the pin, I used my cable to frog one row as I put it back on (does that make sense?). Then I tinked 2 rounds. It looks ok.

Next time I’m going to try one of those other methods! ! I’m pretty young, but I thought my poor heart was going to burst out of my chest the whole time I was doing it.

:cheering: :cheering: I’m so happy to hear that you were successful!!!
If it makes you feel any better, I created a moebius when I cast on for my gd’s summer swing tank and didn’t realize it until I was several rows in and had to :frog: …at least I found out before more rounds were knit :wink:
In other words…it happens to all of us :wink:

Yay good for you!!! :happydance:

I sometimes find myself holding my breath during those last few rows of frogging! I have to keep thinking “Breathe! Breathe!

I sometimes find myself holding my breath during those last few rows of frogging! I have to keep thinking “Breath! Breath!”[/quote]

OK good, I’m not the only one!

Usually it’s my DH reminding me… "Honey, when was the last time you took a breath?’ Or, my other favorite, “Have you blinked lately?”

Best of luck, knitaddict!