The screw on needle, from my interchangeable needles, came unsrewed in the middle of the row. I tried to pick up all the loose stitches, but with the yarn overs I can’t get it right. It’s time to rip.

I’ve had that happen and it stinks!!! :hug:

That’s a bummer. One way to make sure you’re needles are screwed on tightly is to use a grippy thing when twisting them on.

I use a piece of grippy shelf liner. My DH cuts me a bunch of them and as I need to do I change out to a new one, but they last a long time.

Thanks. I’ll do that. Is that the same stuff you can buy in a roll at Walmart?

Probably, it’s everywhere. :thumbsup:

I put the tightening pin in the hole, and screw the needle on with the grippy. I know a lot of people who do this now. I also use it for unscrewing them.

Just don’t over tighten them. And if you’re one of the people who’s knitting method causes them to untwist check them occasionally. This will probably keep it from happening, but always better safe than sorry.

And don’t forget–using lifelines for lace patterns is a huge sanity saver, not only for your own mess-ups, but for just such frustrating incidents as your needles coming undone!

WAs making a ballet wrap sweater of blue mohair, using straight plastic needles (kinda old ones) and had done several rows when one of the needles broke–into 4 pieces! Had quite a time putting the stitches back on other needles, but got it done and the sweater turned out very well. linknit41

That’s happened to me before, but now a days I make sure I tighten like crazy. I bend a paper clip to my will and use it as an anchor as I secure the cable to the needle.

Jan, you just saved MY LIFE (or, at least my sanity) with this one! I was in the process of switching off needle tips for a project when one of them got stuck on a really stubborn cable screw. :gah:
I was on the verge of panic when :figureditout: I remembered reading this thread a few days ago. I ran to the kitchen, grabbed a chunk of cabinet liner, and TA-DA!!! I was able to pop that sucker off! I think I’d still be crying over it if it wasn’t for this GENIUS tip! Thank you, thank you!

… Hopefully The Boyfriend won’t notice the giant chunk of liner missing in the cabinet… :whistle: