Bobble stitch

I need help with the bobble stitch . I do the bobble stitch just as the instructions say.( k1,yo,k1,yo,k1)all in one stitch then turn and purl 5, turn and k2tog, k3tog, past the second stitch over the first stitch I don’t have a problem doing this except I end up with not enough stiches at the end. :rollseyes:

How many stitches do you have left at the end? That bobble should leave just one stitch when you’re finished with it.

yes I do have just one stich when I finish the bobble. After the bobble I P1, bobble, P3, yo, K1, ssk, P6, K3 to finish the row but I come up short 3 stitches somehow. I should have a total of 39 stitches count. :thinking:

Well, I can tell you this much, it’s not the bobble giving you problems.
:thinking: Are you doing your yarn overs?

I will redo the row and see thanks

Could it be a misprint. Ijust can’t find it and I need the bobble to start my flower. :XX: