Bobble stitch-help please!

I’ve picked out a wonderful baby blanket pattern that includes bobbles…I don’t really understand how to do it after reading the directions…here’s what it says:

Bobble: (k1, yo, k1) in same st, turn; p1, (p1, yo,p1) in same st, p1, turn; k5, turn; p2tog, p1, p2tog, turn; sl2 sts knitwise, k1, psso.

The pattern includes a chart (which I’ve also never successfully mastered…)…does this mean that every time I see the “B” (for bobble) on the chart I do all of that I listed after bobble!!! Also, I don’t know what all in same st means…I know what the abreviation stands for but I’m not sure how to actually execute that…

IS there ANYONE out there who can give me some better direction???

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To k, yo, k, in the same stitch, just knit as you would but don’t slide it off. Bring the yarn between the needles to the front and knit the same stitch again. You’ll have 3 stitches.

Turn your work to the other side, purl one, then purl into the second stitch, bring the yarn over the right needle to the back and then between the needles to the front again for a purl yarn over and purl into the same stitch again, slide them off and purl into the last stitch. You’ll have 5 stitches.

Turn the work and knit all the stitches, blah, blah, blah, reduce them back down. That’s pretty straightforward.

When your chart says to Bobble, then you need to do the whole process.

Oh good lord! I’ll give it a shot…maybe it’ll make more sense doing it than reading it…LOL!

Thanks for responding Ingrid…I knew you would!

Knitterese always makes more sense doing than reading. :rollseyes:

okay…it’s not so straightforward for me aparently…I just tried it and I still have questions…

Ingrid says not to slide the stitch off the needle…that makes sense but not the part about bringing the yarn forward between the needls…the next thing I’m to do is yo and my yarn needs to be behind my needle for that (I knit continential…if that matters…I don’t know why it would…)…I do sort of have 3 stitches after the k1 yo k1 but after I do that, do I pull the yarn off the left needle before turning the work to do the p1, yo, p1??? or am I still doing it in that same stitch???

Maybe I’m in in over my head…I just wish I could see it…

OK, since you asked, I’ll take some pictures! I messed up my scarf and every time I look at it I get more messed up. This will give me something “knitting” to do. :smiley:

When I do a yo between knit stitches, I bring the yarn forward and do a knit from there. It creates a yo the same way as bringing the yarn up over the needle does, just does it in one step, I guess. You can do the yo however it works for you.

Great pics and instructions - sounds interesting. The only bit I don’t follow now is from when you turn… I’m tired tho so will read again tomorrow =D

Love reading your replies on how to’s Ingrid, I may not be working on something that needs that and I may never but its always so interesting to read the replies from an experienced knitter :slight_smile: I’ve taken to reading patterns, and trying to mentally visualise how the thing works =D

Ingrid, you’re awesome! I’ll look at those step by step and try it…I’m sure it’ll make more sense then. I love Ingrid’s instructions too…

I REALLY want to make this blanket…it’s probably the prettiest I’ve seen–I’m making it for myself (or the little tadpole I’m carrying around…)

okay, I’ve looked at it and I think my new problem is how do you knit with the yarn in the front?? Doesn’t it cross over the needle/yarn loop the wrong way?? I’m sorry Ingrid…I know you are trying but I just don’t get it…it doesn’t seem like it’d be a very advanced concept but I can’t figure it out…I’m so frustrated.

You knit with the yarn in front so it WILL cross over the needle. It’s just a YO. Some instructions for yo’s say to bring the yarn to the front and back over the needle, then knit the next stitch. I learned to just bring the yarn to the front and knit the next stitch. The yarn goes over the needle, anyway.

Unfortunately, I thought purl yo’s were the same and did them for years this way. I couldn’t figure out why they were so small and hard to work on the other side. Live and learn.

Lily Chin demonstrates my fave bobble in a video that can be found here :smiley:

Great video - thank you for the link =D all makes sense now to me =D

Ingrid I awoke from a deep sleep and suddenly Bobbles made sense–or at least the yarn over part you were talking about above. That happens to me sometimes…I guess I dream of knitting!

THanks for the video link!!!

:lol: That happens with me, too, especially if I don’t know the answer to someone’s question. The answer will hit me in the middle of the night and I have all I can do not to turn on the computer and post. :rollseyes: Sometimes we just need to put things in our brain and let them stew a while.