Does anyone use a board or mat to place your pieces on to pin it and sew together? I don’t even know what they are called but it might be helpful to me. I can’t sew things together very well and need any help I can get. I’ve looked in yarn shops but can’t find anything. I have seen quilt boards. Is that the same thing? If not, where do I find one?

I think if you google ‘blocking board’ you should be able to find something. I’ve seen them offered at different knitting sites. It has lines on it at one inch intervals to help line up stuff. Here’s an example. I’ve never used one, so I can’t vouch for how useful they are.

I just use a towel and peice of cardboard

OOOooh but I do like those blocking wires in Ingrids link :heart:

I’ve always used a piece of cardboard for pinning out my doilies. Anything that’s too big for that, I will use a sheet/blanket on my bed.

I would like one of those on Ingrids link. Very nice, would help me keep things straight. My quilting board doesnt hold the pins well enough, and cutting mats are destroyed once heat or steam hits them, they buckle and develop waves in them. How is any wetness wicked away, does anyone know?

I read somewhere that if you can get a hold of stainless steel welding rods, they are much, much less expensive. Regular ones are too rough and dirty, but the stainless ones are supposed to be great. If there’s a welding place near you, you might want to check it out.

But …$70??? $40 for a small one. I think I’ll use my ironing board! Maybe hubby can make me one.