Boa yarn

Anyone use this? I just got an e-mail from Mary Maxim and they are having a sale on this reg 4.97 on sale for .97 !! There was also 4 free patterns in the e-mail and I was thinking about making the scarf that uses 2 balls. Is this yarn hard to work with??
Diane :hug:

Depends on your experience.
A lot of beginners start off with furry yarns because they believe their mistakes won’t show.
True, but the fuzzy structure of these yarns makes it nearly impossibly to see where you’re sticking the needles and whether you’ve made the stitches correctly.
I’d say that if you like the look and you are confident about your ability to knit and purl without accidentally making extra stitches (or losing some), go for it – the price is certainly right.

It’s not too difficult to knit with, but sorta like knitting a bird…

I made some scarves with it, or a similar type yarn, using size 13s in garter stitch. I did one slanted (inc in first st, dec in last stitch - knit next row even) and really needed to keep track of which row was which as I sometimes couldn’t tell where the incs and decs were. But not really hard.


Thanks a bunch!!! :muah: