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Ok, I’m new to blogging.
Question-How come whenever I join a new blogring & copy/paste their code to my blog, the icon/button whatever, is always x’d out. The cute buttons for the blogrings do not show up. Am I doing something wrong???
Take a look:

Okay, this is from the “View Source” on your blog page. It’s HTML. I have inserted line breaks between chunks to make it easier.

<a href=“;action=home”>



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The first part, “a href=” makes the link. Then the part that starts “img” makes the picture. Right now it says the width of the picture will be 101 pixels, the alternate text will be “Knitting Bloggers.” But it doesn’t have a source (src) listed…it says “IMAGE URL HERE” instead. Where it says that, you need to put a link to the image, either hosted on your blog or on a photosharing site like Flickr or Photbucket.

Once you have that information, you can delete “IMAGE URL HERE” and put in the URL (which should end with .jpg, .gif, etc.)

Does that make sense?

You know how you had to save the buttons for your other images that are in your side bar? You have to do the same thing with Ring buttons. Save the images to photobucket or flickr and paste the code into your ring code. :thumbsup:

Thanks so much for the replies. They helped. But I’m still not there. I have the buttons now, but the x’s are still there. If anyone has time, take a look at my blog & tell me what I’m doing wrong. Help a remedial blogger out. :??

For the first one:
Copy paste this and put it in instead of what you have in the code now:

Bohemian Knitters:


Whatever link you copied from Photobucket was trying to make the picture a link to itself on PhotoBucket. All you need is the part from http through to .jpg. Anything else that copies from Photobucket, you don’t need.

img src=“

Just like that.

Thank you so much for your help. I understand now. I was copying unnecessary code.