Blogger issues

just wondered if any of y’all had blogger and if so if you can access your account? I can’t, :pout:

yep, I can get in. perhaps it was just a momentary thing?

I haven’t been able to access mine since last night.

Perhaps is you clear your cache (is that what it’s called computer literate people?!) that holds all of your internet info. I know a computer literate person will come on here behind me and explain how this is done.
I’m accessing mine fine. Also, have you tried restarting your computer? That may help.

Mine seems to be okay. :shrug:

I can get on ok now, for whatever reason I had to get a gmail account through google, who knows :shrug:

Gah, if you did the blogger upgrade, that’s the problem. I hated it so much that I left blogger altogether.