Blog names?

Hey y’all -

I decided today to start a blog. I know, I should have done this ages ago, but I never did. Anyway, I need some help coming up with a title. I want it to be about knitting, but maybe a little personal stuff, too.

Any ideas?


do you have a nickname you love? or favorite stitch? or other hobby?

Hey Jeanius! Actually, JJ is my nickname, I don’t really have a favorite stitch and no other “real” hobbies unless you want to call me a bookworm? :shrug:

BTW, I knit up My-So-Called-Scarf in the Mmmmmalabrigo you gave me in the swap a few months ago. I’ll post a pic as soon as I take one. . . it looks sooo pretty! :muah:

i named my blog ‘absolute jeanius’ :lol: jeanius is a nn i got back in HS, and i joke with dh all the time about how clever and smart i am :shifty: so i just stuck absolute in fromt, it works. origonaly i named it bits & pieces, but, well, this was funnier :mrgreen:

i can’t wait to see the scarf!

My blog is called “Tongue Tied and Oh So Squeamish” :roflhard:

If you get the reference…you get a cookie.

[LEFT]How about …

[li]KnitWorm[/li][li]J’merriKnit (like a play on Jamiroquai the singer … I’m sure I spelled his name wrong :oops:)[/li][li]JollyKnits[/li][li]Sit Down, Shut Up & Knit (like the bumper stick :thumbsup:)[/ol]Um … hm … :??[/li]

My Chemical Romance! :heart:

Where’s my cookie?? :roflhard::roflhard:

Your nickname is JJ?

How about Good Time Knits?:lol:


Dynoooomite Knits?:roflhard:

DH said the same thing! He said I could post a picture of JJ from Goodtimes as my background. :roflhard: :roflhard:

LOL, that would be funny. It’d be awsome if you could get the theme song to play while people read your blog. :rofling:

that would be so great!

Hi JJ, glad I saw your post! :wink: I thought of one today…how about “gotta knit”?

Never mind, it’s taken…but not being used (on blogspot). :frowning:

I’m just not very creative I guess, I named mine Lu Knits :shock:, I have links there on the right margin to lots of other great knitting blogs (many of which are KH members) which I want to access at all times. My favorite name is “Holy Knit Batman”. :roflhard:

How about Sheer Jeanius like the tv show (Shear Genius). I’m new to blogging also. Someone told me about this website that’s been helpful. I’ve been reading the how tos on it.

My beginner blog is

Hubby picked my blog name, he’s says I’m addicted to craft and probably dream about it. (I do sometimes but don’t tell him!)

I think involving your nickname would be good.

Great blog Wildflower. I like the Dog Days of Summer Questionnaire.

Blogging is fun and I am now addicted and have several. I have a question for you guys - I would like your opinion on something…but don’t want to hijack JJ’s post…I’ll post later…

JJ…sorry for so many posts, possible blog names keep popping into my mind…how’s about fearnoneedle???

Forget-Me-Knits like the flower forget-me-nots

How about “houknitter” (as in “who” knitter)…how that you are here in H-town?!? :wink:

OK, NOT a great name, just thinking out loud.:shock:

Congratulations to LETAH75 & my DH for coming up with it!!!

I’ll be figuring out how to post something on it. . . but come on over, hopefully it’ll be entertaining! :clink: