Can I run a wool knit sweater through gentle cycle in the washer and then lay it out to block?
I am not sure how to get the whole thing wet to block. I have alittle room in the sweater for it to shrink alittle.
Or, is there a place I can go read about blocking a sweater.
In other words, help!:wink:

Don’t machine wash it unless the label says you can (even then I would handwash anyway but I am too fussy and careful).
I would just soak it in water for half an hour, then lift out carefully and roll it in a towel, stand on the towel, lay it out carefully. Eunny Jang’s blog has a post on blocking (think called Block me Amadeus) and she is a goddess so if it’s good enough for her, it’s enough for me.

Thank you Sarah.

Will there be some shrinkage with wool anyway?

It may not shrink, but you may be able to pat it into the right size when you lay it out if it’s just a little too large.