Okay, new kid question, what is blocking? :??

Instructions say: “Block the scarf by stretching it widthwise until the entire thing is the same width”

What does it mean to “block the scarf” is that just stretching or more than that?


Blocking is wetting/steaming/stretching it to get to the finished size. It evens out the pattern, too. Not all fabrics need to be blocked. If it’s acrylic, I wouldn’t bother. Wool can be blocked, lace should be blocked to get the pattern looking the way it should. I block my wool sweaters to get them to the proper size, but I don’t block the kids’ sweaters that are made with a blend.

Lay the scarf out. If the sides look wavy or uneven, then wet it and stretch it out on a flat surface and shape it to the size you want. It’s just like when you wash a store bought sweater that says to lay flat and shape to dry.

Thanks Ingrid! (I should just make that my signature, since I’m always thanking you for everything! :smiley: )

It’s 80% acrylic 20% wool, so i probably won’t need to…but i might end up doing it anyway b/c it’s my “hogwarts scarf” knit in the round and i kind of want the sides to be “creased” if that makes sense. I would rather it look like a dbl sided scarf instead of having rounded edges…What do you think?

I don’t know how much difference it would make if you wet it. I think I would just press it with a damp towel on it. Don’t put the iron right on it. That should flatten it a little for you.