I know how to block, but my question is where or on what do you block? I received an ironing board a century ago as a wedding shower gift, but the local historical society begged me for it to place in the museum collection. Since I gave up serious ironing about 1980 I had no trouble parting with it.

Now I need a place to block stuff, i.e., an open work lace scarf/shawl. I suppose I could lay it out on the counter or the top of my washer with towels, but it seems that it wouldn’t be thick enough to pin into.

I thought about covering a sheet of styrofoam or foamboard with towels for a more pin-able surface, but if I use an iron (kept that) the foam might melt.

Should I just break down and buy a new ironing board? I know that there are real items sold for blocking, but I really don’t want to “buy” a lot of stuff. We’re suppose to be downsizing.

If you have a big cardboard box, disassemble it into a flat piece and cover that with colorfast towels. Or, if you have the floorspace, lay towels down on the carpet. :thumbsup:

The box may work, but with 3 cats in the house, anything on the floor is fair game. Thanks for the ideas.

I block on top of my dryer. If I need to pin, (which I have only done once) I use my corkboard w/a towel laid over it, and set it on my bed w/the door closed against children/pets… :thinking: funny, I never thought of using my ironingboard… :rofling:

Here is some good info Walk around the block

I use the spare bed upstairs so I don’t have the same issues she does.

Yep - the towels on the floor works for me :wink: Of course, I have to shut the door or else the cats will “investigate and interrogate the floor intruder” :rollseyes:

I always put mine under the ceiling fan to speed the process up.