I’ve never blocked anything, but I’m knitting with actual wool for the first time now, and I want to follow the “rules”.

I’ll probably practice on my first sock that never got a mate.

I think I understand the principle, but my question is do I have to re-block an item every time it gets washed? Evidently I only own acrylic sweaters, because I machine wash and dry them with no ill affect (my Momma taught me to look for machine washable and permanent press labels when I shop for clothes).

I read the washing instructions on the yarn I’m using–hand wash only, so I’ll do that right, but I honestly haven’t got a clue what to do after I wash it.


Well, if it’s hand wash only, it’s also lay flat to dry… which is essentially blocking it. So yeah, it’ll be blocked every time it’s washed.

I knit my husband a 100% wool sweater which he loves, but also wears it to work (locksmith), and the sleeves tend to get dirty. So I have to hand wash it pretty regularly during the cooler months (we don’t have this winter thing in Florida). And it’s blocked to dry every time. And in the humidity in FL, it takes 3-4 days to dry. What a pain.

Next time, I’ll knit him a superwash sweater. Which could be machine washed and dried, and probably never blocked. :cheering:

I don’t block much – I know there are many who do – but lots of the items I have that are hand washable knits will specify on the label to lay flat and shape to dry. I can usually tell by looking at what I have washed if it needs shaping after washing. It doesn’t hurt to do it though!