Good Day to you all this fine morn!

I have a question about blocking. The yarn I used for my booties is 75% Acrylic, 15% wool and 10% Mohair.

Do I need to block it? If so, what would I use to shape it? would a rolled up plastic bag shoved inside do the job?

And should I wash it first then put the bag in, OR Wet it, put the bag in, dry it the wash it.

(It has to be washed properly at some point as although I try to keep my cats away from baby-work i wouldn’t feel right giving it to baby without washing to double check).

Do I make sense or am I babbling again?

Good morning! (Or afternoon, perhaps, where you are? ;))

Acrylic can’t be blocked. If the washing instructions say wash/dry, that should do the trick. If the booties are a gift, you can always stuff a bit of tissue paper in them once they’re dry so that they have that cute little baby bootie look to them when the recipient opens them.

Thank you!

I’m in the UK, so it is afternoon now!

I’ve washed them using the instructions on the yarn, but I put them in a lingerie bag to stop them getting bashed around too much. They came out fine, just a little misshapen so I’ve stuffed a plastic bag in each anyway to dry them, just so they look a better shape when they’re presented.

I will replace that with tissue once dry.

Thanks for the tips!