Blocking Wool/Acrylic blends

Hello Everybody!

I have a question. :??

I´m knitting a sweater with LB Wool-Ease, which is 20% wool, 80% acrylic. I was wondering if acrylic/wool blends can be blocked. If they can, what exactly is going to happen to my sweater, will it get bigger? smaller?

I wouldn´t block it if I didn´t think it needed it, but it´s looking very wrinkled.

And, besides I think it´s about time I blocked something.


Woolease won’t block in the traditional sense. I’d throw it in the washer and dryer, on gentle/low, to even it out.

Yep, wash and dry is how you even out stitches knit in acrylic or blends.

What about blocking for size? Do you wash it, pin it to size and leave to dry?