Blocking while on circular needles

Hello. My pattern is asking me to block the back of the sweater that I’m knitting on circular needles. (Probably because it has a lace section up the middle of the back). I’ve never blocked anything while it is still on needles. I’ve tried to find assistance on YouTube without luck. I’d appreciate any advice you may have. Regards, Kelly P.S. Please don’t be too critical of my actual knitting, it’s the first time I’ve tried lace in a sweater! Thanks.IMG_0999IMG_0998

You know I’m not sure either. I’ve not come across a pattern that needs block before it’s off the needles. Can you give us a pattern name and link if possible please.

I’ve not seen this either. It may have to do with the pleat at the back or with a correct width for some picked up sts? I’d slip sts and markers to a length of scrap yarn first, then block.
Your kniitting looks fantastic, btw. Very pretty and even. The lace should block out nicely.

Thank you for the suggestion (and the compliment, it took me forever to get the lace correct!). I will try using a scrap of yarn and then blocking. I think you are right about the blocking being related to the pleat. Although, the pattern tells you the number of stitches to match up on two spare needles to form the pleat, you don’t need to pick up any additional stitches. Oh well, part of me is tempted just to go ahead without blocking but that may make it harder to shape properly when the sweater is completed. Thanks again, Kelly

The pattern name is Honeysuckle Tee by Sue Gleave and is found in the magazine Knit Wear, Spring/Summer Ed. 2018. I am going to try the suggestion by salmonmac. Thanks for responding, hopefully I’ll do it correctly! Here is the Ravelry link but it is not a free pattern.

Wow, are you kidding? If I could do a piece as well as this, you’ld hear me crowing all the way out hear in the heartland. Well done🤗

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I bought a hand held steamer and pattern board to steam my items. I would pin it down on board then steam it. I also have blocking wires.But if you don’t have these then just use straight pins.

Thank you, I am going to try steam blocking it with my iron!