Blocking While Knitting

Hi everyone! Looking for some advice for my current WIP. I got gauge for a sweater after wet blocking my swatch. I want to try on my sweater to ensure that the length of the bust is long enough before separating for sleeves. Should I block the piece that I have now to get an accurate measurement or try it on as is without blocking? Thank you in advance!

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Welcome to KH!
It would be best to try the sweater on without partial blocking. Iā€™m thinking of a possible problem with the current row of live sts when you start knitting again after blocking. The measurement without blocking is likely to be close enough unless there was a substantial difference between the blocked and unblocked swatch.


Maybe you can make an unblocked swatch with the same number of rows and stitches as your blocked one and compare the size difference between them and use this to judge the unblocked length of your project?

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